How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner To Upper Lids


How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner To Upper Lids

If you have shaky hands then liquid eyeliner can be a challenge for you. I do not have shaky hands but still liquid eyeliner always intrigued me. I have just 3-4 liquid eyeliners and use them only when I think I have time to clear any messes. I prefer using kohl pencils or gel eyeliners on my eyelids.

I decided to learn applying liquid eyeliners when I saw my makeup-challenged SIL apply it neatly in one go. I felt so ashamed and decided to take liquid liner in my hands.

If you are also new to liquid eyeliner then here are some easy steps on how to apply liquid eyeliner to upper lids

liquid eyeliner tips for beginners

Step 1– Select an eyeliner that has a pointed and stiff applicator. You can also buy separate eyeliner brushes. A thinly pointed brush is easy to work with and gives precise lines. Make sure that the bristles are not splayed.

The eyeliner should not be too thick or goopy. Felt tip pens are also good for beginners.

liquid eyeliner tutorial

Step 2– Start with clean and moisturised eye area. Cover any darkness using a good concealer. If you want to use eyeshadows, apply them before wearing eyeliner.

Step 3– You need not go all diva like when you are a newbie. Rest your elbow on a surface so that there are minimum shakes. Your hand should rest on your cheek so that there are less tremors.

Step 4– You do not need to pull the eyelid for liquid eyeliner application. Apply liquid eyeliner in small strokes rather than drawing the whole line in one go.

Start from the middle of the eye, as close to to your lash line as possible. Draw a thin line from mid to the outer corner.

Step 5– Now draw a line from the inner corner of the eye and connect it to the line you made earlier. This line too can be drawn in multiple small strokes.

Alternatively, you can make small dots very close to your lash-line and connect them one by one.

Step 6– Once a thin line is in place, thicken it gradually. As you move outwards the line should become thicker. Again do it in small strokes.

how to apply liquid eyeliner

Wait for a few seconds for the eyeliner to dry and you are done. If there is any mess, clean it with a Q-tip dipped in water or makeup remover.

I hope these steps help you in achieving the perfect application of liquid eyeliner.

Did you like the tutorial on how to apply liquid eyeliner to upper lids?

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