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Everybody wants to know how to apply nail polish flawlessly because your favorite nail polish color will lose its charm if applied badly. Although I completely believe that the ‘perfection’ comes with practice but still there are few tips and tricks that can make applying nail polish really simple and yea ‘close to perfect’! 😀

So here are 8 simple steps that will help you in applying nail polish perfectly and make it appear as if expert applied it!


how to apply nail polish


How To Paint Your Nails Step By Step:-


  • The foremost step is to remove nail polish and dirt from your fingernails by dipping cotton in nail polish remover and applying it on your nails. This will make your nails “ready” for the new nail polish.
  • Rub the nail polish bottle between your hands for about 20 seconds to warm it. Make sure not to shake the bottle as shaking can lead to bubbles and will make the application bad.
  • Then apply one coat of base polish and allow it to dry completely before proceeding.
  • Now, wipe any excess nail polish from the brush onto the inner edge of the bottle. Now paint a strip down the center of your nail to tip, followed by one on each side. Finish with a thin strip across the very tip. Repeat the step for all nails.
  • Let it dry completely before applying another coat of nail polish. You may have to wait 20 minutes, so just turn on your TV and enjoy. 😀
  • Once it is dried apply the second coat in the same way but if you want a lighter tint then skip this step. Let it dry. Keep in mind that the top coat is the one everybody will see so keep it smooth and clean.
  • Paint last coat of base polish to make the color last for at least one more week. This step will not only add shine to your nails but it’ll seal and protect the color too. 😀
  • Wait for your nails to dry totally before doing anything. You can listen to music or watch TV while you wait. Try not to shake your wrists anxiously as it can reduce the shine in your nails.

Try these steps and once you have applied the nail polish perfectly on your own then flaunt that gorgeous nail polish color in style!

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Do you have any tips of Nail polish application ?

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  1. i love wearing nail polish, if ur busy like me r having kids and no time for waiting to dry, here is my fav tip, after applyingnail polish, spray pam oil spray on it, and keep like tht for 10 seconds, here u go, wash ur hands with soap to remove oil from hands..but ur polish wil b perfect..and it add shine too..

  2. Here comes a post in my area of intrest.. Nice post Manci… I would like to add pushing the cuticles back NOT cutting them and start polishing a little away from the cuticles..

    Seriously never ever leave the nail paint on the cuticle, if you happen to do so, remove immediately with a Orange stick or tooth pick !

    Running hands by cold has never worked for me though many swear by it!


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