How To Apply Powder Blush: Quick Video Tutorial


How To Apply Powder Blush: Quick Video Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here with a vieo tutorial on how to apply a blush. I have an addiction for blushes and all the regular readers of Wise She are aware of this. I have a thing for all types of blushes be it powder blushes, mousse or cream blushes.  I have a pale skin and that is why I really like to get that flush of color on my cheeks with these blushes.

So, I have been requested by many readers to do a quick tutorial on how to apply blush since the time I did the Basic Contouring Tutorial and finally I am doing it now!

So, today I will be doing a tutorial on applying the blush correctly using the Powder blushes. I will be using a Mac powder blush which is basically available only at MAC Pro stores.

Brushes To Use-

One should always make sure to opt for a medium fluffy brush to apply blush on the face. It should not be too large like a powder brush and not too small.

I have use MAC 138 brush here to apply blush as it gives the perfect application due to the amazing angular brush shape.

MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush review+best mac makeup brush

MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush review

Blush Used-

MAC Salsa Rose

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac blush review

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac+mac salsa rose swatches

Where To Apply Blush on a Round Face-

The most common error many women make while applying a blush is to give a large smile and then apply blush on the elevated apples of the cheek which is totally wrong as it tends to come to a center part of the cheek when you are at your normal face and looks really clownish.

One should ideally try to smile very little and then apply the blush over the cheek bones and not the apples of the face, in case of round face like mine. Also doing a fish face is also helpful while contouring as well as blush application. All you need to do is to leave the hollows of the cheeks for contouring and apply blush above the edge of the crevices in the cheeks.

MAC Salsa Rose blush review+mac fotd

How to blend Perfectly-

The blush application will be flawless only if it is blended perfectly otherwise it will just look like a pigmented area on the cheek. So for a perfect blending it is essential to apply the blush with very soft hands and swipe the brush on the skin with very soft strokes so that the bristles are not pressed much.

Now moving the brush in circular motion with soft strokes is the best way to ensure that the blush is perfectly blended  and give the right flush of color on the cheeks which look natural and not makeup.

I would suggest to pick up blush with soft hands so that you can always apply more product if it looks very light on your face, but picking up lot of powder blush in a single use will only make the face look over done with the quantity of blusher.

In case, you have applied more blush than the normal quantity, then you can just use a compact powder matching to your skin tone to form a light veil on the blush so that the shade looks lighter than it was earlier.

Always hold the brush very lightly and never press the brush too hard over your skin as it is not the right way to apply or blend blush.

Well, I hope you got a basic idea of how and where to apply a powder blush if you have round face. I will be doing separate tutorials for mousse & creme blushes later on!

Do suggest what kind of videos you would like to see in the coming days! Here is a quick video tutorial of how to apply blush!

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