How To Apply Silver Shimmer Eyeliner On Smoky Eyes (Tutorial)


I did a simple smoky eye look before leaving for a get together yesterday.It’s a very simple one and won’t take more than fifteen minutes.And just to add a  little bit of glamour in the smoky look I added silver sparkle eyeliner which I will show in tutorial ahead.

Dark smokey eyes MAC Unflappable eyeshadow+best smoky  eyes

So here we go!!!

  • Step1 -Apply a primer (I have used Urban decay primer) . Instead of a black gel eyeliner or a eyeliner I have applied Chambor eye contour pencil  kohl in shade 06 Peacock.It’s a really intense and creamy kohl and with a touch of dark peacocky green shade  .I don’t know whether we get this eyeliner now .It has been my cult favorite since years. Frame your eyes with the eyeliner and keep it intense as we have to do smudging later on.
  • Step2 – With Body shop line softener brush smudge the eyeliner upwards towards the crease.You just have to run the brush along the line giving it a light stroke.Do the same with your lower lash line as well.
  • Step3- You don’t have to be neat as we are going to dab eyeshadow over it.I have  dabbed MAC Unflappable eyeshadow all over the eyelid taking it slightly above the crease.Now with a MAC 217 or a crease brush soften any hard edges of the eyeshadow.
  • To create more intense look I have applied black Kohl(Amway attitude) on waterline.
  • Curl your lashes and apply lots of mascara.Remember to smudge the  eyeliner on your lower lashline as well and clean off the excess with a – Q-tip.
  • In the end Fill your eyebrows.I used MAC Espresso eyeshadow.


Dark smoky eyes step by step+How to apply a smoky eyes+dark smoky eyes

To create a s sparkling smoky look I applied silver shimmer eyeliner on my lower as well as upper lashline.Don’t go overboard with it.A  dash of silver shimmer  is more than enough to give that magical look.

Smokey eyes with MAC Smut eyeshadow+creating smoky eyes+smokey eye makeup

we are done 🙂

Here are the products which I used

W7 Sparkle eyeliner+w7 mascara+MAC Unflappable eyeshadow review and swatches+MAC eye lash curler reviews

and this is how I looked before leaving for the get together .

Dark smokey eyes with pink nude lips+Black smoky eyes+Black smoky eyes

Many of you have asked me how is the W7 Sparkle eyeliner (INR – 299) therefore have been testing it lately.Its a nice liquid shimmer eyeliner with a brush (6ml).If you have small eyes then you can use it in many ways to brighten up the eyes and make them look bigger

W7 Silver sparkle eyeliner review and swatches+W7 Silver eyeliner sparkle review and swatches


How do you use Silver Shimmer Eyeliner ?Any tips ?


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      • I can understand Ana..i toh cant even take pics of my makeup 🙁 let me see if i find any good tutorials on how to video a can check with Suma and Bidisha also as even they have recently started with video tutorials..but i seriously want you to start me you would have thousands of followers!

  1. very nice tute….another eyeliner…which can be said to be like this is Colorbar Jaded – its smooth and you can use it in this way……very sweet post…

    which is this eyelash curler?

  2. Thanks..I am trying ..but its not of my level of satisfaction.if u can let me know where i can learn it from i will be thankful.

  3. too good and inspiring! i dont have any products mentioned, given the absolute novice i am! but these tutorials are too tempting!

  4. That was neat…i dont have a glitter liner but i have a silver-grey liner..maybe i’l try that…always thought smikey HAS to be matt but this looks qite interesting too..thanks for the tute dearie

  5. this is so beautifullllllll ana 😀 😀 …. loved how silver is looking …. so eye candy and your face … ahhhhhhhh lovedddd the hair falling on your face baby :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

    • well no one said Mesmerizing but every one says my daughter has eyes better than mine 🙂

      i love doing eye makeup Rekha..something which makes me love blogging 🙂 How u doing?

  6. Very helpful article. I was always trying to get better in this and tried many things but I was always missing the glow because I didn’t know the right moves. I think I’m ready now to try something new. I really like how step 3 is done I think it might work on me.


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