How To Avoid Cosmetic Stains


How To Avoid Cosmetic Stains

I feel numb as soon as I see my favorite outfit getting sabotaged. The feeling gets worse when the culprit is makeup as I love both makeup and clothes 😛 and don’t want one of them to spoil the other. But it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we end up transferring makeup to other people’s skin or outfit while hugging them which is quite embarrassing. I am sharing some tips tricks with which you can save many beautiful clothes from getting tainted by makeup-

how to avoid cosmetic stains

Ways To Avoid Makeup Stains On Clothes

Because it is better to avoid stains altogether-

Set Well

When you use a makeup primer on your face before applying makeup, it helps in sticking makeup to your face. This reduces the chances of makeup staining clothes and other people’s faces. Top your makeup with a makeup-fixing spray to make it transfer-proof.

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Silk Scarf

A silk scarf works as veil against makeup stains. Just loosely wrap a scarf around your face before putting on clothes. This will prevent makeup from staining your garments.

Lip Trick

Its really common to see lipstick stains on clothes in stores. I wish that ladies are careful while trying on clothes. The simplest way to avoid this is just turn your lips inwards like Anastasia Steele bites her lips in 50 Shades Of Grey 😉 No more lipstick marks on your clothes and also on the new ones in stores.

How To Remove Cosmetic Stains

If you just got a panic attack after staining your favorite dress, try to keep your cool. Never dab warm water on it as it will set the stain in the cloth so cold water is better. But you actually don’t need to use water first as it will not remove the stain anyway. Here is what you can do to remove makeup stains from clothes-

Makeup Wipes

makeup cleansing wipes

Wipes are the coolest things. You can use them to remove makeup from your skin as well as from your clothes. Getting late to go out and suddenly your foundation gets applied on your top, just take a makeup remover wipe and get rid of the stain.

Dishwash Liquid

how to remove cosmetic stains

First of all do not try to wash off makeup stains with plain water as they only make them more absorbed in the cloth.

Dab a paper towel on the stain and the apply some dish wash gel on the spot. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Dishwash liquid works against tough, oil-based makeup.

Nylon Tights

how to remove makeup stains

This might come as a surprise but you can use your tights to get rid of deodorant spots. It also removes powder stains. Just gently rub the spot with tights for a few seconds and the stain will be gone. Now you know that you should not throw away that old pair of nylon tights.


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Hairspray can be used to remove the stains left by lipsticks. Spray the stained portion of cloth with your hairspray and wait till the spray hardens on cloth. Now take a wet towel and wipe off the spray. The spot will vanish.

Do you have more tips on How To Avoid Cosmetic Stains?

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