How To Avoid The Double Chin In Pictures


How To Avoid The Double Chin In Pictures

The last thing we want after taking hours to dress up is the pictures that we click come out developed with our double chins visible. We may or may not have them but in pictures, we end up losing our calm when we see a clear visible double chin in our pictures. The reason behind is that we do not know or we are not aware of how to pose for a picture. Specially for pictures needed for formal identity cards  passport, or a voter id, our pictures need to be visually correct and we have to follow what the doctor orders! But doing our bit of knowing the right posture always helps. I mean we should be aware of how to pose and be correct with posing.

how to remove chin and neck hair

Let me share with you a simple trick that I read somewhere. While getting clicked for a picture for a close up shot specifically, we must sit with our tongue touching the roof of our mouth and then we say cheese. This way our veins across the neck would stretch, making our chin appear straight and the neck appearing straight and suave. It would also give us a thinner look. Try it! I am sure you would learn to appear thinner than you actually are now 😀


Chin Up Girl!

Also, while clicking selfie or getting our pictures clicked we must keep our chin upright. Try to  see right in the eye of the camera. If the lens is facing us, we are fine or if it is somewhere above our eyes, we are still fine. But if we have to look down a bit, we are sure to develop a double chin, even if we do not have it in reality. So while posing, we must ensure to remember this as a golden rule.

Though these days, through trick photography, it is very much possible to get your pictures corrected, but then we must ensure that we get them clicked in the right frame with a perfect posture and no room for error to be corrected later on using technology.


Neutral Lipstick

I am sure we all are aware that in case we have a double chin, we must ensure that it is eradicated soon using relevant health care methods. In the interim, we must also know how to avoid attention to the chin area by using the makeup trip. The best way to avoid is to use a neutral lipstick. As it would take attention away from the portion below the lips. Also, another way is to tone your face with makeup. That way the jawline takes away all the attention from the chin portion. This can be done by using a darker shade powder than the skin color. Wearing eye liner and mascara also helps to take attention away from the chin by making the eyes looking prominent.

I hope these simple tricks help you adjudge the way to hide the double chin as a short cut. Well, the fact remains, one needs to work on toning the body so that the double chin is gone forever. So that the face looks evenly toned for pictures anytime and every time. While we can do these tricks for temporary solution, having a double chin is a sign that we are overweight and we need to do something about it.

Did you know these tips to avoid double chin?

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