How To Banish Blackheads?


How To Banish Blackheads?

Blackheads are like one sees blots on the moon on a full moon night. I hope you agree! I am very sorry for such a description but this is how I feel when I see people with blackheads on the nose with the entire face beaming with facial glow. Don’t worry now! I am bringing to you some home based remedies for you to counter the blackheads and disapprove or combat their existence.


Water treatment

Let me share the simplest remedy first.  This is more of a routine than a remedy. For this all you need is water, a fluffy towel and your face! Can it get simpler than this? Yes! All you need to do is to rinse your face twice and then rub your pores lightly. Doing it regularly helps open your pores and keep the irregularities away from you when you want them. Doing it at regular intervals like afternoon and night can take care of the impurities you might have gathered during the day time. Always moisturize to retain the hydration and prevent clogging further.


Egg White Treatment

This is another effective treatment which you can do on your own to get rid of these blackheads. This treatment can be done in two ways.

Way 1 is to use egg white and a cotton strip. All you need is to take an egg, separate the egg white from the yolk and apply on your nose and face wherever blackheads are visible in coats. Apply a first coat and then let it dry, placing the cotton strip over it. Now apply another coat after the first one dries and then dab with your fingers. Remove the strip once the second coat also dries up. You can go for a third coat also if the need arises.

Way 2 is to use egg white in multiple coats, which is two or more as per your requirement and then let it dry and then remove it using light movements to exfoliate the area and proceed. Use any of the methods but do not forget to moisturize your face after you clean.

Using this technique once in a week helps prevent blackheads as well.


Honey and Milk Treatment

Under this treatment, all you need is to create a mask with one tablespoon each of honey and one teaspoon of milk. Try using organic honey for best results. Apply this mask on your blackhead prone areas and apply a strip of cotton over it. Let it dry then remove the cotton strip. This is quite similar to the beewax we use for waxing our arms and legs but milk helps to open the pores and is pretty hydrating too.


Baking Soda Treatment

This is another effective treatment that helps you achieve a flawless skin free from blackheads. Mix part of baking soda as per your requirement and mix it with water to form an applicable mask. Now apply it on your face using light round exfoliating movements. Let it dry a bit and then rinse off with plain water. Do not forget to moisturize.

Hope these treatments have made you realize that instead of nursing those blackheads, we could simply go for the simple treatments and do away with these blackheads forever. You have all the right to look beautiful and these methods can help you achieve a flawless skin.


Have you tried any of these methods for your blackheads?

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