How To Become A Choreographer



How to Become a Choreographer


Hey people, ever thought about a career as a choreographer??? YES!!! SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!

But being a choreographer is not as easy grabbing a cherry from the cake. It demands for a lot of other qualities though being a good dancer tops the list but only being a good dancer will not make you a choreographer it will just keep you as a dancer. Choreographer is the new hot career. Be it as small as a ladies sangeet or as big as an award event, everywhere good choreographers are in demand. On income basis sky is the limit for a choreographer. The dance reality shows has acknowleged choreographer and made common people aware about it. Income + Fame+ Interest levels makes choreography as an ideal career choice.

There was a point in my life when I too dreamt of being a choreographer and did a lot of hard work achieve my goals, keeping balance between studies, college leadership and rehearsals demanded a lot of determination and was always short of time, but as life sometimes has its own plans for you, things did not work out the right way and I had to drop dancing.

Enough of my story, I am way more happy with my family & wiseshe and working with wiseshe has filled in the empty space in my heart. Let us now do some serious talking now. Today I shall discuss here some crucial points and qualities that builds your path as a choreographer. But before that let us know who is a choreographer?


How To Become Choreographer


A person who works and teaches dancers to design their routines, providing guidance to make them the best they can be is a choreographer.
A choreographer assembles individual dance steps to form an artistic performance. The following few points makes a complete choreographer.


Determination is the initial step that helps you achieve your goals. When you decide and announce your decision of being a choreographer as your career to your family and relatives, there you are most probably to get a lot of suggestions that may probably lower your morale. Unlike major nations our country has got a mindset that does not appreciate this career, they still are at a stage where the Doctor, Engineer and IAS are the only good career option, though things have slowly begun to change. A lot of struggle follows your dream of being a choreographer. Make sure that you are determined enough and take every negative word as your motivation to excel.

Professional Training

The dance that we do in our family gathering, sangeet or baarats ain’t sufficient to make you a choreographer, no matter how much appreciation you have gathered there.

A professional training in specific dance form is mandatory. Now a days parents are very open about letting their kids chose career that interests them.

The earlier the training begins the better it is. Choreography is a vast subject to learn and there in no end of learning in it. A kid learns quickly and has a more flexible body then elders, so taking up training as a kid is always the right thing to do.


Since it has now become a very competitive field, many dance and event companies apart from training ask for specialist degrees in dance forms. Shiamak Davar Institute Of Performing Arts, Terrence Lewis Academy etc are few such academies that have multiple branches in India and provide degrees and certificates too. But getting yourself enrolled in these academies is not easy and requires you to be a good learner before you join. A proper audition is taken before admission for specific specialization.


This factor decides whether you will be a successful choreographer or not. Being creative is the USP that makes you excel over your competitors. The same repetitive moves or out dated dance steps won’t take you anywhere. People here love to see new stuff every time, so make sure that you are a creative person who surely can take inspirations but the final work is solely new and creative.

Good Observer

Many of you should not have expected this point to come here. But good observation is equally important to make you a good choreographer. A good observer will always be updated with what is happening around him, what is trending new. A good choreographer picks of inspiration from such observations and frame a whole new performance which enhances his creativity with gradual flow of time.


How To Become A Choreographer



Of course only a good teacher in you will make you a good choreographer. A choreographer apart from framing new moves should also have strong capabilities to convey it to dancers and teach them each and every move according to choreography. A wrong movement of a mere wrist can ruin the whole act, so a choreographer needs to make sure that he teaches and makes the dancers rehearse every step to the bits.

Designing Mindset

Mere teaching dance moves does not make an act good. Proper stage designing as per theme, costume designing, props arrangement, lighting is equally important to make an act a hit. A good choreographer is always clear about what his/her act demands and designs stuff accordingly. It is the choreographer’s duty to think over and work on these and convey the requirement to specific departments and always check on them before the performance.

Hard Working

A choreographer definitely needs to be hard working. Only hard work here can yield you great results. A choreographer is always at a learning stage, new things keep coming across and the choreographer needs to keep himself updated. Apart from this a choreographer’s work is never time bound. Many a times a choreographer works day and night. A choreographer can never restrict himself for his working hours and working days.

Socially Active

Social contacts play a major role too. The more socially active you are the more opportunities are bound to come across you. Try and always create good networks since your training days. Choreographer works in an entertainment world, be it a college event, a stage show, a theatre act, a marriage function, a bollywood song, a big event etc… If you have contacts then you are most probably to get these opportunities come walking towards you.

So please never ever be high on attitude and be warm to people who you meet. Remember one event connects to other.

Excellent Dancer

I have kept the basic for the last. Of course a choreographer needs to be an excellent dancer and must know various dance forms with perfection. Until and unless a choreographer is an excellent dancer how we can expect him to give instructions to other dancers. Summing up all the above points plus an excellent dancer will only make you a good choreographer and help you excel in your career.

So people these were few points that need to be kept in mind while considering career as a choreographer. While few choreographers are self employed and few work with companies, but taking up as an assistant choreographer is always the right thing to do, since this will enhance you as a choreographer.

I hope this was helpful. Wish you all the good luck for your career as a choreographer ahead.

Are you planning to be a  choreographer ? Best wishes from Team Wise She

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    • i understnd how family takes over in a women’s life and her passions are supressed…. but i request u , if u ever get an opportunity to relive ur passion, dnt miss it 🙂

  1. such a complete post i should say, for those interested in this field, i’m pretty much sure, this post is very useful. well written Ritika

  2. I remember one of my friends was so interested in dancing but family didn’t supported her idea so she gave up!
    Great post Ritz! and really informative too!

  3. Must read article for every wanna-be choreographer. I think anyone who has a passion for dance can be a good dancer, but it takes something more than just a passion to become a great choreographer.


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