How To Become A Makeup Artist


How To Become a Makeup Artist


Before I proceed any further let us first know who is a makeup artist?

A makeup artist is someone who uses makeup techniques to create beauty on the human body. In other words a makeup artist enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out color and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws with proper and creative use of makeup products.

Makeup artist works at salons, cosmetic counters, fashion industry, with event management companies etc. At its most extreme, makeup artist creates imaginative characters and special effects for films, television, photography and theater.

So after you all know who is a makeup artist, do you think that you can be a makeup artist.


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Have you excelled the art of eye makeup looks? Just by the complexion assessment you can tell what color lipstick would suit the person? You think you are creative and can beautify many faces?

If your answer to all these questions is YES, then you have for sure hit the right place and are thinking over the correct career option.
What it takes to make a career as a successful makeup artist, read here:

Get Qualified:

Though getting a qualification for becoming a makeup artist is not mandatory but few makeup artist’s job demand for a qualified degree. So why take a chance, a mere negligence may result in a miss of a good opportunity and also proper education will enhance your makeup doing skills with some gained knowledge about professional techniques.

Enroll in beauty school which covers both basic skills like wedding makeup and more advanced skills like special-effects makeup. Remember that while these courses help, they cannot substitute the privileges of practice, experimentation, and natural talent. Decide on what field of makeup artistry you want to make your career in.

Consider becoming a licensed cosmetologist, as this will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Enhance Your Skills:

Practice applying makeup on yourself and also on other’s faces, may be your friend, sister or mom.

No matter how great you may be in doing makeup on your own but applying makeup on others is completely a different task Only practice can reach you perfection.

Try doing makeup with different brands products, different brushes, different facial shapes, different skin tones. Doing this you will get experience about which kind of makeup looks perfect where.


Apply for jobs or internships. Working on retail counters or salons will be helpful in getting yourself a perfect hand in makeup. This will give you exposure to work with a variety of people with different makeup requirements.

You can also join in as an intern in the desired industry where you want to work.


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Portfolio allows you to showcase your talent. It should comprise of your best of all works and reflect your style of doing makeup.

You can choose for an online portfolio or a print portfolio. But for either of the cases you should first invest in a good quality camera or hire a photograph. Prefer online portfolio more since it has a wider approach to people and can be promoted via various social media platforms.

Market Yourself:

The initial stages may demand for a lot of struggle and hard work. In the beginning you may even have to volunteer your makeup services in an urge to create an impressive work portfolio.

Make yourself known to all wedding & event planners, local makeup counters and event coordinators. Make sure to be perfectly dressed with the most gorgeous makeup whenever you meet them, so as to lay a good impression on them.

Give your business cards to them, colleges (for fest & functions) or anybody you know who associates with the makeup industry.
Mouth to mouth publicity goes well in this field, so remember not to leave any loop hole in your work because just the way positive publicity can build you, any negative publicity can pull you down.

Following the above mentioned steps, you can certainly accomplish your goal as a Makeup Artist.

Are you planning to become a makeup artist?

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  1. Again 10/10 post on different career choices.. 🙂 N Anamika has also made a very good point.. Lot of MUAs are so big on instagram , even without having a you tube channel..


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