How To Become A Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist


How To Become A Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is someone who uses makeup techniques to create beauty on the human body. A makeup artist enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out the best features and hiding or smoothing out flaws with proper and creative use of makeup products.

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So have you ever thought of helping people look their very best? Have you ever thought of making your favorite celebrities look even more beautiful? Have you ever thought of becoming a celebrity makeup artist? I have!

But becoming a celebrity makeup artist isn’t easy. So what path do you exactly have to take? Let us see!

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Go back to School

Five Makeup Schools In London

Yeah! There is no end to learning. Like we have scholars in some critical subject like Physics or English Literature, Makeup also is an art, rather a subject which is also acclaimed and has some experts that are known around the World. So to follow their footsteps, attend a formal makeup school to learn at least the basic techniques. If you further want, you can opt for specialization too. Like fashion, bridal, photo shoot, etc. There are amazing makeup schools in India where you can get yourself trained under professionals.

Attend Workshops

Industry heavyweights often conduct workshops, private lessons and seminars. So besides your formal training, supplement your skill by attending as many seminars, workshops as you can.

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Portfolio speaks

Portfolios often serve as a makeup artist’s strongest asset, especially when seeking employment. So building a creative and diverse portfolio is very essential to become a celebrity makeup artist. A portfolio should display your best work while showing your ability to create many different looks and styles. Mostly the makeup school you’ll enroll in will provide you with an opportunity to build your basic portfolio. But don’t just stop there, work and work a lot more to build and enhance it.

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Lend a free hand

The initial stages may demand for a lot of struggle and hard work. In the beginning you may even have to volunteer your makeup services in an urge to create an impressive work portfolio.

Aggressively networking and marketing yourself

Yes, unless you have connections, it is very unlikely that you’ll get hired by top-notch firms and celebrities on your very first day of your career. So only by networking and marketing yourself you will be able to make a place in the industry. From wherever you start, give your best.

Also while marketing yourself you’ll be able to make contacts in the industry, which is very much crucial.

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Seek mentorship

Many well-known makeup artists of today began their career as assistants to other makeup artists and then spread their wings and went off to begin their own businesses.

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Try to get a job as an intern under a makeup artist who has a decent position in the industry. This will help you a lot in building/ enhancing your resume. Reach out to the makeup artists and ask them about training or internship opportunities. If they don’t have vacancy, don’t lose hope. Remember, it is not the end of the world. Try again next time.

So after months /years of practicing, gaining all the experiences, enhancing your portfolio and making contacts you’ll finally be able to begin your business and work as your own master.

Do you cherish to become a Celebrity Makeup Artist?

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