How To Become A Television Actress



How To Become A Television Actress


Acting career is very fascinating… Isn’t it? Yes it is, and is mostly considered as a profession where only lucky people can excel. Though the luck quotient cannot be always relied and cannot be ignored entirely. For me luck and hard work go hand in hand, and if you hard work to fulfill your dreams then automatically you’ll have the chords of luck in your favor.

The job of a TV actress in not a cakewalk that you can become an actress overnight. It demands for a lot of efforts to be put in before you reach your true destination. Fame, popularity, good income and regular media glare come as a package in the career of an actress. The glitz and glamour of the television industry that appeals to us is only the cover of the book, but the real book behind the cover is the real story that shows us all the glitz and glamour is not as easy as it appears.

Are you looking forward for a career in the Television Industry as an Actress, if your answer is yes, then you have just hit the right place. Today in this post we shall know how to become a Television Actress.


How To Become A Television Actress- AUDITON


Training: Oh so you think you are born star. Well I am glad that you were born blessed. But to work commercially as an actress you got to polish your acting skills. Join an acting school to get training and be a skilled actress. To get trained there are various acting schools in India. The more reputed school you join the better are the chances for you to get an early start in career, though talent being the most important thing. A proper training will teach you to express, dialogue delivery, camera facing etc.

Grooming: To come on TV you need to look good and beautiful. It is not that only a girl born with sharp facial features and blessed with good heights and figures can become an actress. Anyone can become an actress but before that you should get yourself groomed and have a great personality. Achieving a good personality is not restricted, anyone with desire and will to achieve it can get herself groomed. If you are tall but walks in a slouchy manner, then you totally killed your benefit of height and ruined the personality. Get yourself a total personality enhancement by joining “PEP” (Personality Enhancement Programme). Learn an elegant manner to talk, walk and sit. Work on your looks, a nice hair cut and good makeup for instance.

Grasping Capabilities: Looking good is not enough. You should also be good at learning scripts. Unlike movies where you get numerous takes for a single dialogue, TV shows don’t offer for many takes. So you really got to work on your learning capabilities to enhance your chances to get in this career.

Rehearse: Apart from the training a little homework takes you the long way. Try speaking dialogues and expressing different characters in front of a mirror. Make sure to enact naturally and keep your voice pitch in control as per the character you are rehearsing.

Create Portfolio: Now it is time to create your portfolio. Get your photo shoot done, prepare a resume describing about yourself and any assignment that you have done relating to entertainment industry. No work is small or big, so don’t hide any work experience. You never know what experience from the industry work for you.


How To Become A Television Actress- PHOTO SHOOT- PORTFOLIO


Audition: Here comes the real hard work. Not everybody is born with a silver spoon that offers will come knocking your door. Though this may become true after you become a well to do actress but for initial stages you should appear for auditions. Keep your eyes & ears open and appear for auditions that you come across. You will have to wait in long queues and then audition for the role. This is pretty hard. But as we know good things are never achieved easily.

Hard Shell: A girl who aspires to become a TV Actress needs to be a hard shell. You may have to face few rejections before you hit the mark and achieve your dream role. Be determined enough to face rejections and never loose hope and turn every negative comment into your strength that never lets you down.

Hard Working: TV Actresses are supposed to work so hard in tightly packed hectic schedules. The job does not start or end in front of camera. Before enacting in front of camera learning and rehearsing scripts is done. This way a small scene is made. A whole episode demands for a full day work irrespective of day and night. If you desire to excel in this career, you really need to be flexible in your work timings and do a lot of hard work and still manage to look good.


makeup tips for olive skin tone


So girls these were few points that will aid you in becoming a TV actress. I hope you find it helpful. Wish you all the good luck for your career ahead as a tv actress. Hope you soon work with the sounds of “Camera Rolling, Sound,Lights, Camera and ACTION ” !!!

Are you planning for an acting career ?

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  1. Seriously..a very informative post..and unique too..well written Ritika.. 🙂
    And as per acting is concerned..I am camera shy.. 🙁

  2. Can you tell me which drama classes is best in Pune as I am Bussiness management student I don’t have to much time to going to drama classes regularly as I can only join drama classes on weekends so can you suggest me which is best drama class in Pune and from help of them I can know about television auditions…can you suggest me??


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