How To Boost Your Self-Confidence Again



How To Boost Your Self-Confidence Again

Somewhere sometime everyone goes through tough times whatever the reason may be, those tough times generally leave us with no self-confidence and motivation for life left. I went through such a time period in my life when I was a teenager and that really took all of my positive attitude and confidence but thank god I had good people around, though I hardly listened to them because my hormones were at their peak :-P. I almost thought that there’s nothing left for me and I’ll struggle like this lifelong. Now, I am a new person overall, here are a few things that helped me and that may help you or some of your girlfriend struggling to find her self-confidence back.




Start Doing Something

They say “Khali dimaag shaitaan ka ghar” I find this hindi phrase absolutely true, if you don’t have something to do then you have ample of time to think and think and think and devastate yourself even more. Find something that excites you, okay I know hardly anything excites in a phase like this, but think about what you use to love, it may be any hobby like cooking, dancing, photography, writing etc. try and engage yourself in some or the other activity to keep your mind busy, even if you don’t feel like doing it please try to do it. You’ll find yourself taking interest in the activity and doing it better with more heart and soul.

Give Yourself A Makeover

Buy new clothes, accessories, makeup that suits you and play dress up in the free time 😛 No matter whether you’re going out or not, wear good clothes every day it should be something that makes you feel good about yourself. For me it is the color black, I feel I look more glowy and slimmer in black color so I wear it to uplift my mood. Wear a little makeup to enhance your facial features and it’ll automatically lift you up. Of course any girl would smile when she sees herself looking gorgeous.

Talk To Your Old Friends

Talking to old friends really gives the self-confidence a much needed kick. Old friends or best friends are our much treasured commodity (*yes I call my friends a commodity because I have the right to do so 😉 *). Whenever I talk to a good friend of mine the chat always leaves me with so much of energy and positivity which makes me feel like a super girl 😛 and I start finishing off my work quickly, I don’t know why. On a serious note, chatting with old/good friends is a therapy which everyone should do repeatedly.

Music Heals

Never listen to those broken-hearted sad songs :-/ they indeed remind us of all the negative incidents happened in the past, like the song “Chitthi na Koi Sandesh” reminds us of our lost beloveds. Even if you prefer these kind of sad music, please don’t listen them. Start your day with some energizing music or some party numbers and end your day with some soft romantic music 🙂 This will let you get going and will imbibe some positivity in your attitude.

Exercise Daily & Stay Positive

I am not telling you to be a fitness freak and do three sets of dumbbells and squats daily :-P. Give your body some fresh air every morning, visit some nearby park or playground and play your favourite sport or just do some brisk walking for a few minutes. The healthier you are the better you’ll feel about yourself.

And one thing that you should never ever stop doing is “Stay Positive” though it is sometimes hard but if you can’t feel it from the inside then the best way is to fake it. Keep telling yourself that everything’s going to be fine and gradually you’ll feel it from within. Learn from whatever has happened and move on to a new beginning.

Lastly I would like to say that it is very easy to give advice but it is difficult to absorb. Take all the advices people are giving you (as it is always free :-P) and follow the one that you feel will help. Simply ignore the jealous people and you’ll find a new person within you 🙂

Take care :-*

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  1. Very nice post :yes: :yes: N d very same phrase u mentioned “an idle mind is d devil’s worshop” changed my life too 🙂 So glad u overcame ur negatives n its good to hav u here :hug-makeup:

  2. somewhere, someday, everyone goes through any such moment that morals them down… totally lvd this post and the way it was written 🙂


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