How to Buy Discounted High-End products online


All of us are makeup buffs, there’s no doubt about that..Who wouldn’t like to buy all the NARS blushes, MAC eyeshadows, Clinique skincare, etc….and if they are avaiable at slightly cheaper rates then nothing like it right?


I too am the same..I love trying out the infamous Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown lippies or TheBalm products…But unfortunately these products are not available here in India…So we have to turn to Firangi sites like ASOS, Feel Unique, Strawberrynet, Ebay, etc…I am a regular buyer from Ebay but I hate the fuss of checking and rechecking if the product is genuine, ascertaining how much extra the shipping is..and a lot of the time have to give up the thought of buying it after realizing that the shipping amount is just insane!


shopping on strawberrynet+ online shopping


And then there are other foreign sites which at times have issues with delivery of products…it could be the issue of late delivery, faulty/broken pieces or sometimes even no delivery and all…and then begins the fight with Customer care who would want a ton of verifications not to mention that most of them take eons to respond anyways..I have faced such problems with a lot of sites except for one…and that’s strawberrynet..


Yea..these guys are really the best at what they do..Extremely professional and responsive I must say…Here are some reasons why I prefer Strawberrynet above other sites:

  • Easy UI. Strawberrynet has one of the simplest interfaces around….none of those innumerable boxes on either side which makes you wonder where to click. This is pretty straight…Click on the category you’re interested in and then scroll down to browse. If you have a particular brand in mind, you can just click on the brand name and it will take you to that page where all products are divided into sections like Lips, Cheeks, etc…Even the Billing section is as easy as pie.

buy high end products online+ tips for shopping online

  • Crazy range of products. From MAC to NARS to TheBalm, Origins, YSL, Laura Mercier, these guys have it all!
  • Tons of offers. They always have offers going on…Either there is a discount offer or a Free Shipping offer…And it’s a real treat to indulge yourself. Once your subcribe to their their newsletter, you even get a mailer whenever there are discounts and can choose accordingly…Sometimes they have discounts on just makeup or just on skincare…Remember the MAC mineralize blushes in Gleeful and Utterly Game which I’ve reviewed earlier? I got them on discount from this site for just about 1000/1200 bucks…and to think that the regular blushes here cost 1350bucks..Awesome right? Also they have a permanent offer for new subscribers where they send freebies on your first purchase. The first freebies I received were the CK plumping lip glosses reviewed here.

shopping on strawberrynet+ online shopping made easy

  • Great Customer Care. I personally really like their customer care service…They always respond quickly and work to resolve the issue quickly. There have been times when some receive empty parcels. Where usually most customer care guys would not believe and take years and years to respond, the customer care from strawberrynet resend the product at the earliest.This just inspires trust in them don’t you think?
  • Timely delivery of products. They do dispatch the products quickly but at times it may take sometime. When ordered to my address at Pune, it usually takes 2weeks (give or take) to reach me. But when I ask for delivery to A’s address when we make purchases together, it reaches in under a week! So although it does depend on how remote or accessible your city is, rest assured, you will get your parcel πŸ™‚ I for one don’t at all mind a late delivery as long as I get everything intact. It sure beats the times when I’ve ordered and not received the products at all!

buy high end products online+ tips for online shopping

  • Reimbursement of any customs paid. Yes…Strawberrynet does reimburse customs..I did not know this before, but it seems that if you write to them and send a scanned copy of the customs receipt, they do reimburse that amount…I never save customs receipts though…if I’d known about this I def would have!
  • Loyalty Discounts!! I mentioned above that new subscribers always get a free gift on their first purchase. They also have loyalty discounts..i.e after placing your 3rd order you would get 2%off, 7.5% off on your 10th order and 10% off on your 20thorder.They even have a Γ’β‚¬ΛœBuy More get More DiscountÒ€ℒevery subsequent purchase.

buy high end products online


These are just a couple of reasons why I like & why I think they are one of the best options for shopping higher end products…After all, if you’re investing in high end products, its fair to want original products..and if there’s free shipping, discounts and innumerable offers available..well then…I need not say more…So whatcha waiting for? Go Shop!! πŸ™‚


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  1. yaa! they wont have all the products SD as they sell only discounted products and i guess this is the reason they can put up everything..all my nars blushes are from only πŸ™‚

  2. This is such a helpful post. I am new to the makeup and beauty and although I knew about the site, I was little hesitant on ordering from them. But, your review just removed all of them. Thanks a ton Zee! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks so much for an awesome post Zee! :hug-makeup: I was a bit apprehensive of orderin from them after i saw a few customer complaints. This post has encouraged me to take the plunge πŸ™‚

  4. I was about to order some stuff from this site but backed out, was too hesitant of not wasting my money that too on high-end brands. But after reading this article, I sure will grab some Christmas discount. Awesome read, thank you. πŸ™‚ :hug-makeup:


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