How To Buy Makeup And Beauty Products Online Without Fail


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All lazy girls, put your hands up! Oh, I see so many of you. Welcome to another post by this lazy girl. 😛 And this is all about online makeup shopping sitting at your home munching your favourite wafers. The Internet is buzzing with online makeup websites and applications like Nykaa, Purplle and others but many of us don’t really know how to buy cosmetics online and end up messing the foundation shade or buying lipstick shades that wash us out. But not anymore! Here’s some tips and tricks that can help you sail through this online shopping sea with flying colours. Scroll down!

How to buy Makeup And Beauty Products Online without fail:

  • Online Deals

This is perhaps the most interesting part of online shopping- deals and saving loads of money. Sometimes sites have an offer up to 50% off which is eye-grabbing. I have seen sites offering some sale or the other all year round and they offer us discounts which none can ignore.

  • Selection of colours

This is the main thing for which many girls dislike online shopping. Choosing colours for foundations or lipsticks is a hassle when it comes to online shopping but there is a solution too. On many websites including Nykaa, there is a Try n Buy section where there is a model and you just have to adjust your skin tone to her. Then apply the desired colours on her and see how will they look on you. Colour selection is a must when it comes to makeup and surely the sites are working on it.

  • Best products

There are a number of websites which state their best selling products like Amazon which help us know what the mass wants. And if you go with the flow, I am sure you will get a fair idea about the product.

  • Sort as you like

As there is an option to sort products, you can sort them as per popularity, price or even colours. This makes it easier to purchase products online without any fail.

  • Choose products according to skin type

When making an online purchase, you should consider your skin type at the first place. Though there are a number of products for which you can get tempted, still I will advise reading reviews and recommendations before you buy something.

  • No judgement

Whatever be your skin tone or preference, online websites have one for you and there is no one to judge your purchases. So while making any decision, think twice as most of the products related to beauty and makeup you buy online are not returnable and so you will have to bear with that product for long.

  • Sea of products

When we go to a store and ask for a particular shade of lipstick, the store shows us maximum 3-4 brands but when you are shopping online, there are so many brands to choose from and so much to choose from. You get a number of choices so be aware before buying anything. Check for texture and other factors before settling down to one product.

  • Ingredients

You can see the ingredient list on the site itself. Most of the websites display the ingredients list on their website and you can see them just by scrolling down the site. This will help you buy beauty as well as makeup really easily.

  • Compare and Buy

When doing online shopping, you can compare different products as per your requirement and then buy the ones you need. This is a feature of online shopping that lets us do it really well. You can tally and compare brands, price as well as reviews and then buy.

That’s all folks!

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