How To Carry Off Bright Coloured Pants


A lot of the women I know don’t want to wear light or bright coloured jeans because they feel it draws too much attention to their lower half or that they will look odd wearing such bright colours. Makes sense, given that the eye is naturally drawn to the brightest part of the outfit. But there are some tips and tricks to wearing bright pants that could solve these problems.

One simple trick to avoiding this problem – a bright/light coloured scarf or statement necklace. These will draw the viewers eye upwards towards your face and keep the focus away from your backside and hips. Simple, huh? Let’s see it in action!

bright yellow pant OOTD+fashion for women

In this outfit, I’m wearing a super bright pair of pants with a dark coloured top. But I’m also wearing this sparkly cream scarf that does distract the viewer from focussing on the pants alone. Thus, by putting a statement piece near my face, I can successfully get away with wearing these neon jeans and not feeling self conscious about my hips and backside! A chunky statement necklace would play the same role as this scarf and if it were summer, that’s what I would have worn instead.

Another trick that helps is pairing the bright pants with neutrals. If there is already one bright element in an outfit, you can balance it out by wearing complementary neutrals. By wearing navy and cream on top and nude shoes, I’m avoiding a colour overload and the yellow pants don’t look garish. Of course, if you are a colour addict like me, you can try colour blocking and pairing the coloured pants with other brights, but if you’re scared of bright pants, don’t try that!

yellow pant outfit+woman fashion

My most important tip of all? Be confident! No matter what size or age you are, if you feel like a superstar in bright coloured pants, I’m sure you will carry them off! Trust me, there was a time when all I wore was one pair of dark wash jeans, but once I bought a pair of coloured jeans and realised how versatile and fun they are, I never looked back.

bright colored pant+ladies clothing

I hope you find these tips useful and that I’ve convinced some of you to go out of your comfort zone and buy a pair of coloured jeans!

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Do you have any tips to carry off bright coloured pants?

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  1. Hey look awesome..!!!
    I wanted to tell you another thing..I came across one of your old blogs and was super surprised to see you there..I wanted to comment there but wasn’t sure if you would read it:)I love the way you wrote..
    You look pretty and cute!

  2. your posts always manage to push me out of my egg shell n try be adventurous with my outfits and now i try to mix n match even more πŸ˜› :hug-makeup:

  3. This is a very useful post Ki.. I’m very fond of colored jeans & I used to wear a bright tomato red one when I was 18 to college. I was really happy when colored jeans came back in trend, but I really didn’t know how to carry them off because of my weight. Now that I am have lost some, I’m looking forward to slipping into a pair πŸ™‚

  4. These are actually perfect ideas..I too hav similar reservations about wearing coloured jeans…I so feel like tring them out now!


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