How to celeberate Rakhi and Rakhi wishes 2010

When I was not married I never realised what was the importance of festivals are.They were a burden to me as my mom use to ask me to help her out.God fulfilled my desire and  in my in laws place which is a modern Punjabi family we do celebrate festivals but with more fun and less of traditions.I enjoy both, the independence at  my in laws place and whenever I am at my parents place I enjoy then traditions.This Rakhi when I am at my mom’s place preparation of Rakhi is going on since 3-4 days .

Many of young married woman who are living outside the country and living separately are not aware of the traditions and the significance of many festivals  and I worry we do not forget all these because then India will not be distinct from other countries which it is known for.
Why do we celeberate Rakhi or any festival?It brings family together and in this hectic life if brother and sister specially meet then the bond of affection is bound to increase.Rakhsa Bandhan is a day when siblings pray for each other’s well being and wish for each other’s happiness and good will.
On this day brother make a promise to her sister to protect her from all the harms and troubles and sister on the other hand pray to God to protect the God from all other evil.Festival falls on Sharvan Poornima which comes generally in August.Sisters tie the silk thread called Rakhi on their brother wrist and pray for their well being .

In olden days  the Rishis tied rakhi to the people who came seeking their blessings. The sages tied the sacred thread to themselves to safe guard them from the evil. It is by all means the ‘Papa Todak, Punya Pradayak Parva’ or the day that bestows boons and end all sins as it is mentioned in the scriptures.

Previously, Rakhi festival encompasses the warmth shared between the siblings but now it goes way beyond it. Some people tie Rakhi to neighbours and close friends signifying a peaceful co-existence of every individual. Rakhi Utsav was first popularized by Rabindranath Tagore to promote the feeling of unity and a commitment to all members of society to protect each other and encourage a harmonious Social life.

Preparation of Rakhi Festival

Sisters prepare Pooja thali which has roli ,, tilak, Rakhi thread, rice grains, agar battis, diyas and sweets.Sister perform aarti of their brothers and ties Rakhis on their wrist.They then put kumkum powder on the forehead of their brother and offer sweets.In return, brothers pampers and blesses the sisters and promises to protect her from all the evils of this world. He also present a token of his love and affection as a Rakhi gift. The rituals performed on Raksha Bandhan may differ from place to place but they carry the same aura throughout the globe.

I from wiseshe wish all the readers a very happy raksha bandhan.No matter how bad or good the relationship are just value them .They are God sent:)

A very happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you!!!


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