How To Change Hair Colour Naturally Black-Suggestions


Salma asks,

I have brownish hair naturally from birth..sometimes it looks golden or orangish especially when I go in the sunlight. Is there anyway to darken the color naturally without using hair color because my hair texture is great so don’t want to mess wid it. appreciate help! 🙂

coloured hair

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  1. try using nikhar henna in black..i use that wenever i color my hair and want my black hair back.
    this really gives good coverage and gives jet black hair color! :-)) :yes:

  2. my friend swears by this recipe to turn it black, i just started using not sure how it works!

    take little oil in a kadai, add curry leaves and heat it until the oil in tinged with a green shade from the curry leaves. apply when lukewarm. mind you, the oil will be tinged at lukewarm temp!! do this every other [email protected]!

  3. Hi,
    wow..awesome … :-)) although lot of hard work is there too… 😉

    But after this henna ,which shampoo and conditioner ,would u all reccomend for dry hair..!! 😕 😕

    • Even I wanna know.. I oil my hair before applying henna… To an extent that oil drips out of my hair!! Henna conditioners never add any color to my hair and my hair gets too dry and frizzy if I don’t apply oil!!!

  4. Go to a nearby Ayurvedic medicine store and buy Lauh Bhasm, add this to natural(dont use the ones available in market, as they have black dye mixed to show they work!) and keep it soaked overnight in an iron vessel. apply for 5-6 hours and you will get blackest black hair. its better to mix henna with lukewarm water. try it once and u will love me forever :).cheezy I know 😛

    • Hello shivangi , loh bhasma are available in market with so many brandnames
      Pls tell which brand we can buy and pls share all ingredients we hv to mix in vassal ?
      What color we will get after applying it and how long it will stay?

  5. Hello Salma,

    Well I am not sure if this tip will answer your question…

    Take 2-3 cm of coconut meat and burn it on direct flame till it turns black… Then crush it to make a powder.. Mis this with your regular henna mask. My mother makes the mask by mixing henna with the burnt coconut powder, tea decoction, juice of 1 lemon and water.. Leave it overnight on an iron wok and wear the mask the next day!!
    My mother had complete hair loss dyeing her hair, to such an extent that she had stopped dyeing for years!! She used to have red hair stained with henna.. She has been using this for quite some time now and uses the mask once in two weeks.. I assume that is the staying power!!!

    Sorry for a loooooong comment!! Hope this helps!!!

    • Hi would like to know if following ur mom’s method of mixing henna would colour the gray hair black or would it still have the brassy orange colour

  6. Wohoooo.. :yippee:

    I hope this is safe Shivangi. and also how many times ideally can we use it.

    and can anybody use it ?

    Also what which shampoo would suit after henna for dry hair.?

    Help na ..Plzz 😛 😛

    • no need to say plzz re!wait I will write the comment aram se soch soch ke :P. I forget half the things in hurry :P.
      If you dont have greying issue, you can use it once a month too, but take care not to overexpose ur hair in sun and chemicals. Anti-dandruff shampoos create havoc too. If you have dandruff, start applying good anti-dandruff shampoo a week before applying heena, it will clear the flakes and also Henna helps to some extent in dandruff.

      This method is safe because Henna is suggested to be soaked in iron vessels and Lauh bhasm is nothing but Iron only(finely milled). Get the ‘Jhandu’ brand one. OK??

      I used it for years as I have premature greying issue but due to SInus I had to give up on Henna :(. This recipe was suggested to me by a naturopath doctor.

      Anybody can use it, excpet sinus patients because Henna is cool and may harm them. or else, take a bit of extra care of your health.
      Henna makes hair dry if applied for 5-6 hours. Make sure your hair is clean before application, colour would stick better and then wash with water only to clean henna. Then apply a lot of oil next day better leave it overnight, it should be dripping. Steam your hair and wash as usual. and condition ofcourse. Still if your hair is a bit coarse, which it wont be you can apply mask next time you wash your hair. Once a month would not affect ur hair much!
      Phew thats a long and boring comment. I hope it helps dear. U can ask me if any question pops in your mind.

  7. there is a new product in banjaras brand called ‘black henna’ ,i think its an alternative to dyes..maybe u can try that.. 🙂 :-))

    • But some of those contain dye only, cheap quality thats why they blacken hair so fast… Not sure about this brand though!

  8. by the way you can add some coffee , and amla powder to henna to darken the colour to brown.

    i dont know how easily you will get indigo powder , ayurvedic stores sometimes keep it, mix indigo powder with henna and amla, that too gives a black colour.

  9. I have a question, why do we darken in the sn but our hair turns lighter in the sun ????!!! Why cant it be the reverse…bolo mujhe abhi batao..

  10. Hi Shivani,

    Thanks a ton 🙂 Thanks for liking my name..Mom kept it :))

    Awesome awesome …!! :-)) :-)) Thanks for helping me out..even i have few grey strands 😛

    I had been into coloring ,bleaching and rebonding and doing what not….sab ne watt laga di hairs ki…::P :silly:

    Thats y din know what to do

    had been coloring since then,now will switch to this 🙂 :yippee:

    Thanks n thanks n thanks dear… :laugh: I think ho gaya thanks …. 😛

    haina 😉

    • hmm Shampoo to koi misturizing hi…oil your hair a lot, overnight nahi but an hour of champi is good enough, any decent shampoo would do but dont use any harsh one. Himalya, Biotique Green Apple worked for me well. Habib too, but wo milta nahi ab:(

  11. Thanks girls for the suggestions… but i think all these tips are for making the hair black.. i jus want them to look dark.. lik how it looks in 1st part o the pic..

  12. shivangi pls mention the proportionate of heena n lauh bhasam .which brand sells purest form of heena n can i add shikakai bcoz my hair is dry.n will lead to hairfall.


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