How To Check Your Skin Type?


The easiest way to check your skin type is to wipe off the face with the dry tissue when you wake up in the morning.



*If you find tissue to be greasy then it means that you have oily skin.Oily skin people should be careful about the diet which one takes apart from external care.

*If there is grease and only on the Tzone of your face then it is a combination skin.

*If there is no grease at all then it is a normal skin which is considered to be a perfect skin which do not face much problems.

*If the skin is too light and shiny then it is a dry skin which requires more care. Sensitive skin is quite vulnerable and is prone to allergies.

Normal Skin Rare skin type which feels smooth, supple and elastic.

*Acne is generally not a problem with this skin.

*Simple cleaning and dabbing with rose water is best for this skin type.

Dry Skin Strong products are a complete No for dry skin.

*Dry skin gets affected by sun exposure, room heaters, air conditioners easily and therefore leads to premature aging.

*Toning and massaging and moisturizing with lot of oil and moisturizer is an integral part of routine towards prevention of dry skin.

*Thick creams should be preferred rather than runny lotions.

*A good night cream is a must.

*Cucumber juice is a good toner for dry skin and helps in moisturizing the pores. A diet which in vitamins A, B, C and D is beneficial for dry skin.

* Combination Skin Both dry and greasy skin needs moisturizing and therefore combination skin is quite misunderstood.

*Use strong astringents for strong areas and mild ones for dry area.

*Clean your face with cleansing milk at night.

*Using curd and lime juice on combination skin helps a lot.

Oily skin-This skin type is quite prone to pimples and dark shadows.It requires regular face wash at least twice or thrice a day.

*Applying kaccha doodh(unboiled milk) before going to the bed clears of the grease from the skin.

*Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day is mandatory to keep pimples at bay.

*Taking steam is also one of the best ways to avoid pimples.

Sensitive skin-This skin type is quite prone to allergies and has a fine texture.

*Some times even natural fruits and vegetables can hurt the sensitive skin.

*Mix of rosewater and glycerin are considered to be best for sensitive skin as this skin triggers off easily.

Do you have tips to share when it comes to knowing your skin type?


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