How To Choose Colored Contact Lenses


My Eternal Love for Colored Contact lenses


Hi Beauties!

Like they Say, “Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes”. Normally, We all love our eyes because its god gifted and I haven’t found anyone who dislikes his/her eye color. Yes, but the thirst to have a different eye color from your basic natural black/brown color to sexy and bold color like grey, green and blue attracts everyone and how blessed we are to have cosmetic contact lenses to quench that thirst! 😀 😉

how to choose colored contact lenses


From the time colored contact lenses has been introduced I have been a loyal customer and lover of colored lenses. So much so that FRESH LOOK should give me discounts on my every purchase :P.I have been religiously using them and buying them soon after their disposal and can’t put it in words on “How much I am in love with colored lenses”?? They just add that extra zing to your eyes and completes your look. They are very much wearable and there is atleast one color which is suitable for every eyes.


The most loved and suitable color is “grey” and my favourite is “sterling gray”. It’s a universal color and as per my knowledge its suits everyone to anyone. Its a must- have color for me and my 3rd buy. <3

See the picture below


STERLING GRAY on my eyes



Fresh look “STERLING GRAY”


My second love and new in my kitty is the “GEMSTONE GREEN”. It’s the most beautiful color in lenses I have every come across and I am sure I will keep buying it till I can, Its a hard- to-miss color! This one looks great if paired with colored eyeliners.


Gemstone Green on my eyes+green gemstone colored contact lenses



Fresh look “Gemstone Green”

The next is “Pure hazel”. This one falls under the brown color category. I got this to give that natural look to the eyes yet elegant. I have kept it for my everyday wear and with the right eye make up, the color stands out beautifully.  People get confused at times and ask me if its my real eyes?? 😛


Pure Hazel contact lenses on my eyes+Pyre hazel contact lenses on my eyes


Fresh look “Pure Hazel”


And last but not the least is a grey color which I don’t know from which brand it belongs to?? As this one was gifted to me buy my Aunt unaware of the fact that I already have “sterling gray” color  😛 but I don’t regret having this because it’s a different grey color and quite pretty. I doubt if it will suit everyone and not wearable by all, neither it is natural looking. You can easily make out that you are wearing lenses after wearing this one. But I still love it!



grey colored contact lenses on my eyes


Grey color from an unknown brand


If you want to look different and of course beautiful at party wear’s, kitty parties, night outs or simply for your day-outs. You should have at least one of them in your beauty buys! Because even if you don’t apply any eye make up but just wear one of this, a pretty pink lip gloss and you are good to go! They are not very pricey and you can get them in the range of 300-600rs. depending on the place of purchase. They look gorgeous on eyes and once you get the knack of wearing them, you cannot give up on them.

As you can see I already have 4 of them in my collection. Infact, I had 6 L . I had a beautiful amethyst but someone stole it  during one of my dance shows at college.  I cursed that female sooo much 😛 :P. I Hope she is alright 😛 and the other one was bottle green color which was torn from the corners so I had to throw it! *heartbreak* </3. So by now I am sure you must have estimated “My eternal love for colored contact lenses.”  😉


Precautions to be taken while wearing colored contact lenses –


  • One should use good solution and keep it clean and sanitized
  • Change the solution at regular intervals, say every week.
  • People, who wear spectacles, have to consult an optician before opting them.
  • You need to have patience and wear them carefully, once you get a knack of it, its easy.
  • If your eyes starts getting red after wearing them, remove them immediately, put it back in the solution, sanitize it again and then wear it after 5-10mins.
  • You can easily but them from a cosmetic shop if you don wear spectacles.
  • Always buy  good quality lenses from a reputed brand.
  • You have to dispose them off after 6 to 1year depends on the expiry.
  • You get colored lenses with an expiry of 1month, 3months, 6months to 1year.



It goes without saying that I will and always have re purchased colored lenses.

But what is your verdict?? Do you like wearing contact lenses??? Will you give it a try?? 😀


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  1. Ok my!! U really luv ur lenses don’t u?? Don’t answer that! This post proves it all.. I so wish I cud use them… I luv dark grey…they look so sexy…sigh…

  2. I to love love the green and pure hazel ones…i am going to get green some day when my eyes learn to behave…..your eyes look mesmerising…Erica…my bro has green grey eyes….i so wish i had such eyes…

  3. Thanks a ton… Prachi! :beauty:

    Everyone wish so… But still I love my real eyes more.. and for a change i wear colored contact lenses coz they just add to ur beauty…not forgetting ur already beautiful! :lipstick: :hug-makeup:

  4. Thanx Erica…for the post…i was waiting fr this from the day u told me…..infact yesterday i went to buy the lenses but was confused that would i b abl to use them…..actually…..iam a bit hesitant …that how to put it on……but wel i have decided the colour…its blue…from freshlook…waitng for ur rpl….. :chic:

    • Blue will look great on u ..Navneet! As u pretty fair.. I am not fair thats y i am hesitant towards blue..
      N yes I wrote this post ..keeping u in Mind.. As u asked me questions abt colored contact lenses in the other post. so I thought its Time I should review it! :-)) :-))

    • yes if u are wearing for the 1st time then ur eyes will water a lot, it doesnt hurt, but ur eyes will tickle a bit, keep rotating ur eyes as soon as u put the lenses on ur eyes, so that it sets in ur eyes. 🙂

      • Also make it wet very well before putting it on ur eyes and hold it in the tip of ur 2nd finger, after putting it once it settles down , wait for 5 mins and then put ur make up on! 😀

    • Nai ..its not mushkil.. ek baar sikh jaoge naa…its damn easy, u wont even look at mirror to put it on ur eyes! trust me! peheneke baad mujhe bata was it ??? ok 😀 :yes:

  5. uhhh, even i am head over heels for colored lens, i have sterling grey from freshlook and green from an unknown brand.., i just love sterling grey.. i wear it specially when i do my eyes in smokey black..

  6. Thank you so, so much for this Erica! I was looking for the gemstone green kind of green but bought the normal green one instead.. and it showed up hazel coloured on my dark eyes! Will def be buying the gemstone green one and others now 🙂

  7. awesome post Erica! 😀 i am scared of lenses and i feel i will look like the Naagin’s u see in telly soaps. 😛 bt u look awesome re!!! i so want to try one now :silly:

  8. I would love colored contact lens but my lens (I have power 😥 ) cost me so much already and am not sure if they have colored lens for my power .

    Everytime I order new lens the optician says we have to order the lens for ur specifications so gimme 3 weeks atleast. 😀


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