How to choose daily skin care products-Beauty tips

Sometimes we feel that it is only our skin which needs so much of concealing and there it is impossible to manage it. We think of trying various lotions which are recommended by SA and many other companies but the result always is the same .You see no difference as such on your skin and to make it worse sometimes these products even damages your skin.
Even if you feel this do not give up because it is very important to maintain the facial area of the skin. Our skin is exposed though out the day and if right product is not applied lot of damage can be caused to the skin.

Below are couples of tips which help out those who are tired of using different products and still see no result:-

1. Use organic cleanser only to wash your face. Many skin care products have harsh cleanser in them and rather then doing good to the skin they harm it.
2. Never use products which have chemical exfoliating agents as over using of these products take away live skin cells.
3. Most of the moisturizer contains mineral oil and petrolatum as their main key ingredients .Both these ingredients are harmful for your skin .Both these ingredients clogs up the pores of the skin as they do not get absorb easily.
These ingredients not only make your skin greasy but will give rise to acne, blackheads and blemishes too. Always try buying a moisturizer which has natural mineral oils in them like grape seeds or avocado oils. Both these products are easily absorbed by the skin.

Do  you know how to choose your daily skin care products?



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