How To Choose Foundation Formula For Different Skin Type



How To Choose Foundation Formula For Different Skin Type


After doing a post on different ways to apply your foundation, I have now come up with another quintessential that you have to know and get it right, so that your makeup base looks flawless and natural. Since I had struggled a bit in the beginning I decided to jot down my knowledge about foundations that many of you would find informative. Also, once in the comments section Ritika had asked about a little more information on foundations and what could happen if we choose the wrong shade/formula. I hope you read this and find it helpful! I am pretty sure that some of you know more than me, please feel free to add that in the comments section!

The most important thing is to know your skin type. We all know how our skin behaves in different conditions and hence we definitely know our skin type. Then you need to opt for the coverage that you are looking for. I will be covering these topics in this post!


types of foundations


Types of skin: Though this is a very basic thing to know, there are a few pointers that you might find more insightful in discovering your skin type. For a long time I used to believe that I have a sensitive skin but I realized that my skin is not really sensitive it is normal. I have a sensitive skin in general terms, but when it comes to knowing my skin type, it is normal.

Dry Skin:

  • Undetectable pores
  • Skin of face is dry and tight post washing and feels thirsty for moisture!
  • You have lines/wrinkles around mouth/eyes

Normal Skin:

  • You have an even complexion.
  • You have smaller pores that aren’t visible or bothering.
  • Your face is supple.
  • Your skin doesn’t thirst for moisture and applying a normal moisturizer doesn’t make it oily.
  • Your face has no/few breakouts.

Oily Skin:

  • Your face has pores that are visible.
  • Face gets shiny quickly.
  • You have blackheads/whiteheads that appear frequently.
  • Breakouts are your regular problem.

Combination Skin:

  • T-zone is oily, cheeks are normal/dry
  • Pores on the chin are enlarged.
  • Breakouts appear on forehead, chin, nose.

Sensitive Skin:

  • Your face has blotchy patches.
  • Your skin gets rashes/breakouts extremely quickly.


Type of foundation Best suited for skin type Coverage Finish Functioning Application
Cream Foundation Normal, Combination and Dry Skin Medium To Full Dewy Covers uneven pigmentation, discoloration, imperfections. Provides a flawless finish. Use a stippling brush or wet sponge.
Pressed Powder Foundation Oily Skin, Combination Skin Light To Medium Matte Evens out the skin tone while hides imperfections and absorbs excess oil. Wet Sponge/ Kabuki brush
Liquid Foundation All Skin types. Better for Dry/Mature skin Light to Medium Depends upon the formulation. It can be matte, satin, or dewy. Makes skin look more moisturized while hiding imperfections and smoothing the overall look. Wet sponge, Stippling brush, Flat top buffer brush, flat foundation brush.
Mineral Foundation All skin types. Best for sensitive skin. Light to Medium Matte Evens out the skin tone, moisturizes, protects and absorbs excess oil. Kabuki Brush
Stick Foundation All Skin types. Dry Skinned beauties might avoid it. Medium to full Matte/Semi Matte Denser formula than most types of foundations, cover pigmentation easily. Best for concentrating on problem areas rather than applying on the whole face. Can be applied directly and smoothened out using a wet sponge/flat top buffer brush.


It has happened with me in the beginning when I was a novice at makeup that I picked up a pressed powder foundation after my oily-skinned sister. It didn’t impress me much and I realized it later that it was due to the difference in our skin types. This is just an example and I am sure that a few of you might have ended up picking the wrong formula for your skin due to lack of knowledge or a pushy SA  😛

I hope I have covered everything.

Please share if you have more knowledge.

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    • Thanks a ton Maitri!!! I know pressed powder ones are a bliss for oily skin… My sis loves Chambor Wet n dry foundation for her oily skin… Did u try it?

  1. Brilliant post Princa 🙂 I have combination skin so that I can use almost all kinds 😀
    I am currently loving mousse and cream foundations 🙂

  2. awesome post, My skin gets on the oily side during summers so stick with powder foundations for rest of the year I like liquids ones more, yet to try some good mousse ones :))

  3. Superb post..I think all the doubts about choosing the right formula of foundation gets solved in this post! Great job done Princa :-))


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