How To Choose Foundation Shades


Anushka asks,

It is said that a perfect foundation should vanish into your skin without leaving a trace.Have you come across any foundation like that?I have been using many drug store foundation but unable to find and HG or may be I am using some different shade 🙁 .Can any of the perfectionist out here suggest me how to choose foundation shades and which is your best foundation ?

How to choose foundation shades

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  1. Hi , a small tip from my side which i follow most of the time is to
    carry your previous foundation bottle with you when you are going to purchase a new one. This helps you both ways. If you were satisfied with the foundation which your bought previously then you can buy a new brand with the same color and if you weren’t then you can choose the shade lighter or darker accordingly.

  2. I havent used many foundations so cant really tell you, but the one which vanishes into my askin and leaves it looking better covered is Lotus Matte Foundation that i came across recently.

  3. For starters, I too bought a few which didnt go well. But then my cousin advised that i walk into a good brand store and ask them to help out. the girls at MAC usually do a pretty good job of searching a good tone for you. Also in other multi-brand stores like shoppers stop or lifestyle; there girls at various brand counters who will also help you pick a good shade and texture. Also take along a friend who will agree if it shows, dont rely completely on the counter sales girl.

  4. only tip i got while buying foundation was to test it on the inner side of my wrist!

    and it helped me a lot 🙂
    hope u find the right shade 😉
    and like kejal said..
    good brand stores always help u find the right shade..

  5. Most stores have testers. Ask the SA to do up half your face & then observe in different lights – store (tubelight) as well as outside (natural light).. Make a note of the shade that looks most natural & best. Do this on your first trip (or maybe at one store).. You can skip this step if you follow Anamika’s suggestion of carrying a shade that suits you already.

    Then on your next trip (or go to another store), ask the SA to do your entire face in the shade that you noted. Go around the mall on your other errands & observe how the foundation reacts / changes over time – does it oxidise, does it wear off, does it turn oily or does it stay put & perfect.

    After testing for an hour, if it is working well – buy that shade.

    The reason I ask you to split up the process in two stages, is coz our SAs are, well, not very customer service oriented. They try & persuade girls to buy with faff talk rather than let them play with the sample. They may not like you using so much of their time, and then deciding to purchase after another one hour. 😀

    Long process, but it will save you money & countless bottles of foundations lying waste at home.

  6. After having struggled with lots o very expensive ones I found solace in this inexpensive one…Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation (Rs. 185/- for 25ml)

    I have super dry skin and most bases have a tendency to dry it further or end up looking cakey.. to add to my woes I am pale as death fair so finding the right shade was a TASK!

    This one has been with me for 2mnths and am happy n my skin Happier!

  7. Your face and neck should match so test your foundation on your neck and jawline. Most Indian skins tones have yellow in them so look for a more yellow toned foundation as opposed to a pink one which makes most Indian skins look gray. In MAC go for the NC colours. Most of us would fall within the NC35-NC45 colours, so start there. Finding the right foundation shade takes a little experimentation. Try it on and check how it looks 2-3 hrs later. Depending on your skin type they may oxidize on you and look orange, so you might want to go for a lighter shade! In all cases do not go for a darker shade. After you have found the right colour you need to find the correct coverage and texture for your skin. Very few people would require full coverage which looks very mask like anyway so depending on how much you have to hide go for light or medium coverage. The texture is your personal preference of cream,liquid or powder foundation, depending on your skin type, weather, portability and other factors.
    Personally I use MAC NC40 liquid foundation at home and cream foundation when I travel. I then use an orange/salmon coloured concealer/corrector. I prefer Bobbie Brown Medium to Dark Bisque corrector to MAC. Finally, I set my cream/liquid foundation with a powder foundation to give it more staying power. Hope this helps!

  8. I find that using a corrector before applying foundation helps – I use a Jane Iredale peach tone corrector .. there are many of this type out now, or you can use orange lipstick on the spots which turn grey when you use foundation. Beyond that, use a good concealer like MAC (NW40 for me), and then make sure to test any foundation product for a few hours wear before buying it. A lot of people need two different colours/brands mixed up to get the right shade. Sometimes you don’t need foundation after correcter and concealer. Just using powder for setting helps. I like Lotus Herbals #560.

    • Thanks Aruna..u r right that many of us need two mixed shades of foundations .i havent tried lotus herbals as i fear their bad ingredients ..MAC, L’oreal and makeup studio are my fav 🙂


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