How to choose fringe hair style


Fringe hairstyle is trend of the day and you will find most of the bollywood actresses supporting it.Actresses like Kangana Ranaut,Koyna Mitra,Minnisha Lamba and latest being Genila in Chance pe Danse .Genila hair stylist says that as Genila has oval face and fringe looks perfect on her.

Before you think of suppoting the fringes there is little info for your knowledge

1.There are two varities of fringes .First being side fringe which runs down on the side of the forehead and then there is front fringes which is combed down and often touches the eyes too.

2.Fringes rarely suit those who have curly or permed hair.To get the fringes one needs to get their hair straightend.
3.Side sweep fringes comes down till the cheek bone and suits lot of people.

4.Fringes suits women who have oval face, broad forhead and big eyes.
5.Fringes give a young and fresh look and softens your face too.
6.The hair style requires lot of trimming and maintenance.
Ask your hair stylist wether fringe will suits you or not.If you do not have a hair line which comes naturally down then do not go for fringes.

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