How To Choose Lipstick To Match Your Outfit


How To Choose Lipstick To Match Your Outfit

I have always had a problem deciding which is the right colored lipstick Read Top 15 Lipsticks For Deeper Skin Tones for the outfit I am wearing. I am sure it is not just me, but there are so many women and girls out there who face the same problem. I can’t tell you how crazy it drives me. I started experimenting and trying out and finally arrived at a decision. Than a decision, I would call I a guide. I know it is not possible to formulate the right shade for every outfit, but a few, I have mentioned below.

P.S: by outfit I mean a dress or top or sari. Anything in that color.

Blue colored outfit:

Blue is a bright color but moderately soft, so try wearing a lipstick, which does not contradict with your dress color. Make sure it does not shout out for too much attention. Go for a light pink if it a light blue and a mild red if it close to a darker blue. Read Indigo Outfits With A Desi Touch

Lipstick shade for Blue dress

Red colored outfit:

Who says wear red lipstick for a red outfit? Red is a bright color and grabs a lot of attention. Having a lipstick, which also belongs to the same color family would over do it. So, go for brownish or peachy shade to get the best out of the look.


Pink colored outfit:

The rules for a pink outfit vary based on the shade of pink. For a hot pink dress make sure you wear a light pink or transparent gloss. But when it comes to a lighter pink outfit then go for a bold nude. Read Top 15 Nude Lipsticks Available In India| Indian Skin Tone


White colored outfit:

Let me tell you why I love a white outfit. No matter what color lipstick you wear, you will still look dashing. White is the nude of lip shades. Be it red or pink or brown, it will look great. Best Affordable True Red Lipsticks

Lipstick shade for white dress

Black colored outfit:

The most traditional lip shades will look dashing with a black outfit. By traditional I mean red, plum etc. but my idea of a twist is to pair up your black outfit with an orange lipstick. Trust me, all eyes will be on you. Read How To Style Black Outfit Like A Pro

Lipstick shade for black dress

Green colored outfit:

Green is a very tricky color. The wrong shade of shoes or eye shadow might just take you downhill in seconds. So when it comes to lip color, you need to be extra extra careful. My idea of a perfect lipstick for a green outfit is a peachy nude. Elegant and beautiful.

Lipstick shade for green outfit

Yellow colored outfit:

Yellow outfit is equal to red lipstick. I know both are bold shade, but for this lethal combo you can break the rules. It will look killer.

Lipstick shade for yellow outfit

I know I haven’t compiled this for all colors of outfits. But, I am just a comment away. Any outfit you need assistance with ( for choosing the lip shade), go ahead and comment 😀 also I hope this post helps you.

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  1. With the green outfit I have to say I tried a plum shade of lipstick and it looks gorgeous on me
    That idea of black outfit on and orange lipstick sounds great

  2. ohh ..this is such a needed post and soo well written.. i feel like sharing this post on fb and tag those people who wear pink dress, pink shoes, pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, pink bags, pink accessories and this continues with every color they wear… arrgghh…


      • I dont think so.most of the time yellow goes with red. Its d shade of yellow which matters. In 90 percent of cases it matches. I agree with samraja

  3. Amazing post Supraja 🙂 Would really help those who get confused how to complement ur makeup with ur outfits..
    N I agree with Madhu here.. People really need to stop being ‘matchy matchy’ with everything..

  4. color coordination is so very important to keep a balance in the look, love this post you have pointed out everything so well :))

  5. I surely need this post.. When in doubt, i go for neutral pink shade & its boring.. Any ideas for deep purple outfit also brown outfit?

  6. Awesome post Supraja !!! Very very helpful n informative. But what if the outfit has more than one color…. What shade of lipstick will go …

  7. i luv luv luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this post… i thoroughly lvd reading it and ds is so informative…. awesome work Supraja 🙂

  8. It was indeed an adorable post loved the colors n their combos but why wasn’t Brown included? I often wonder wht wld go along with a brown outfit other than brown lippes n nude ones….any suggestions ladies?

  9. Hi , I wanna wear a cram net Saree with little bit golden work with golden blouse n faint pink Pallo… I m going to wear it in daytime …can u suggest me which lippy will suit with it n eye make up too? Should I go for brighter pink lippy?

  10. Thank u so much for helping us. I like specially the yeallo-red combo..its awsm..nd black-orange also..Can u tell me which colour is the best for peacock blue dress? not pink plz. .☺

  11. Thanks a lot u solved the problem of choosing lipstick shades…It was always confusing… U made a easier selection…

  12. Very useful information Supraja. I am one of those who get confused about what shade of lipstick goes with which outfit. I would like to know what color lipstick with a peach silk sari which has light green and gold border

    • With yellow saree you can easily wear fuchsia lipsticks, red and orange lipsticks. Black saree and red lipstick combination is also great. You can try berry & wine shade too with black saree!

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