How To Choose Lipsticks According To Complexion & Skin Tone


How To Choose Lipsticks According To Complexion & Skin Tone

Lipsticks have always been one of the most important and basic cosmetics used by women in India. The culture is nothing new to India and be it the quint essential Indian bride or the college girl, the Indian female always loved wearing lipstick.


how to choose lipsticks according to skin tone


But choosing any lipstick randomly won’t make you look perfect. You have to choose and apply the right shades that will suit and complement your skin tone.

So here is a guide that will help you choose the lipstick colors, which will perfectly compliment your skin tone.

Identify Your Skin Tone

Mostly there are 3 main skin undertones which include neutral, cool and warm.

Warm:- Skin with a yellowish color hue to it. Most of the Indian beauties have warm undertone.
Cool:- Skin with a pinkish color hue to it.
Neutral:- Skin with neither yellow nor blue/pink undertone. This is a rare case and women with neutral undertone are lucky as almost all lipsticks will suit them and thus they have the happiness and liberty to choose whatever shade they want.


identifying your skin tone


To know “How to find out your skintone” click on the following link.

Know that complexion and tone aren’t same.

Lipsticks According to Your Complexion & Skin Tone

Fair Complexion


Fair Complexion Skin Tone


  • Warm undertone:- Peachy nude and corals that have more orange lean than pink. Red with warm undertones, like tomato red looks gorgeous as well.
  • Cool undertone:- Different shades of light pinks, bright pinks, pinkish nudes, fuchsia, red which have blue undertone.
  • Neutral:– Flaunt whatever you like from the above mentioned list.

Medium-Wheatish Complexion


Medium-Wheatish Complexion Skin Tone


The advantage of wheatish skin is that it looks good in almost any color.

  • Warm undertone:- Orangey red, corals with hints of brown, cinnamon, walnut, honey, copper, bronze, orangey browns look good on medium skinned beauties with warm undertone.
  • Cool undertone:- Muted fuchsia, red, pink, burgundy and cranberry looks gorgeous on this skintone. Go for matte textures instead of glossy or creamy ones.
  • Neutral:- Flaunt whatever you like from the above mentioned list.

Dusky-Dark Complexion




  • Warm undertone:- Go for dark reds, brown reds, brick reds, berries, plums and nude-browns and browns with warm undertones.
  • Cool undertone:- Go for shades of caramel, ruby red, plum and wine with cool undertone.
  • Neutral:- Flaunt whatever you like from the above mentioned list.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Try on lipstick with little or no other makeup on your face.
  2. If you don’t want to try lipstick on your lips at the store, swatch it on finger tips. When we test lipstick in the store, we often swatch it on the back of our hand. But most of the time, the colour of our hand is different from the colour of our face. So when we come back home and apply the lipstick on lips, it may not look as flattering. Fingertips are very similar to our face in colour and if you test the lipstick on your fingertips, you’ll get an idea on how it’ll look on your face.
  3. To know the undertone of your lipstick clearly, swatch and lightly blend it on a white tissue paper or any other white surface.
  4. Make sure you try your lipstick in a well-lit area, preferably under natural light. If not natural light, then under yellow light. Tube lights or any kind of white lights change the tone of colors.
  5. The darker the color, the smaller your lips will look. The lighter and brighter, the larger they’ll seem. So choose lipsticks as per your need.

I want to suggest ladies that for perfect look they should apply lipsticks according to their complexion and skin tones because everyone can apply lipstick of different colors but the secret and art is to apply the shade that looks best on you and make you look perfect.

I hope these tips make how to pick lipstick for your skin tone a little easier. And I also hope that you can all look gorgeous with fabulous with your favorites.

Have you found your perfect lip color?

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  1. Very nice post madhu, my sis has neutral tones n yes u said right, almost all shades suit her, whether its a cool red or warm peach 😀 she looks awesome n steals all my lipsticks :p


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