How To Choose Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone


How To Choose Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

Daunted by the rainbow of nail lacquer colors displayed out on the shelves, standing in full glory out in the supermarket? Worry not, the guide to perfect nail polish selection, customized to your personal skin tone is today on our menu ladies. And I am sure you definitely would not want to give it a miss.

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Nail polishes, if not exactly flattering; should at least complement your skin well. Below are a few know-how’s which I think can help you choose the prettiest shade for your beautiful hands.

Do not restrict yourself to just light shades with light skin tones and dark shades with dark skin tones

Common, like seriously? I thought nail polishes were meant to be fun, but with this rule, the color schemes for any woman become so restrictive. I agree, this is one of the best rules out there to follow in order to match your nail polish to your skin tone, but isn’t it too limiting? This rule can give you amazing results if used with a bit of customization. Start exploring, the options are endless. But if you are not into too much of experimenting, go by this rule; it is the simplest out there.

Identify and accept your undertones

Choosing a nail polish color which complements your undertone more than your skin tone is a wise decision. Still confused about your undertone? Read this. Undertones are basically classified into three wide sub-categories; cool, warm or neutral undertones.

Want to know your skin tone? Go stand out in the sun; if your skin reflects pink or blue undertones you are more likely to be a cool toned person. In contrast to blue, if your skin reflects gold, beige or olive tones, you are a warm toned person. Still confused? Try looking at the inner side of your wrist in natural light. If your veins appear blue, you are cool toned. If the veins appear green, you have warm undertones. Still not able to settle on your undertone? Congratulations, you are a neutral toned person who can more than not wear any shade and any color.

Extremely fair or milky skinned beauties.

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If not all, most of the pale skinned beauties are cool toned, i.e. they have blue undertones to their skins and are not so common in our country. But if you have this rarely found, amazing skin; you my friend are in for some very pretty shades of pastel pinks, baby blues, sweet greens, pretty beiges and peaches and the sorts of the like. You can pull of even daring shades like deep reds, but try opting for blue based reds as they will help bring life to your otherwise pale skin without making the hands look ashy. Although I always vote for experimentation, try and stay away from the very dark shades of blacks and blues unless you want a gothic or vampy look.

Lighter complexions should try to leave alone extremely dark shades.

Yes, it does sounds sad, but it would be the best bet for ladies with lighter skin tones. Extremely dark shades of blues, browns and blacks can make your nails look muddy and draw out all the color from your hands making them look aged. But if you still want to try these vivacious colors on; fret not, we have a trick for you. Just make sure to trim your nails to a medium length before applying dark colors. This would save you the Goth-look and make your nails look playful and trendy.

Medium Skin toned beauties

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You, my lady, are the luckiest of the lot. You are blessed with a skin tone most nail artists would die for. And you can literally pull off any sort of color or texture or length. While the nudes and pastel shades would provide a striking contrast to your otherwise moderate skin; darker hues would suit your nails, be it of any length and make you look aristocratic while adding a glam effect. Look out for deep plums, ruby reds, beiges, peaches, corals and grays. Just make sure to test the color on your fingernail before investing in it. Trying out the polish is important as the color at times, differs on application from what it appears to be in the bottle.

Olive toned skins

Olive skinned ladies generally have yellow undertones with greenish hues and appear to reflect beige-yellow tones. Colors like peaches and golden colors flatter such undertones the best. Try opting for earthy or red undertones in nail polishes, like chocolate browns, russets, gold, reddish browns. Go out in the search for nail polish with golden speckles in it. Although frustrating, the gold speckles will really enhance your skin undertones and make your hands look amazing. Mettalicas and glitters are the way to go for you. Just make sure to steer clear from bright blue-based and orange-based reds, you surely do not want your nails to look stained in someone’s blood.

Dark skinned gorgeousness

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Except the only unflattering shade of dark brown, all other darker hues of nail polishes were customized to suit your skin. And trust me, it is dark brown color’s bad luck that it is not able to adorn such a beautiful skin tone. Bright pinks, perky oranges, vibrant purples and exotic reds are just a few of the many colors which will zap the vibrancy out of your skin tone. Rich burgundies, deep greens, ruby reds, royal blues and velvety purples are next to great when it comes to matching your skin tone. Just try to steer clear from whites and neon trends, t can make your nails look pasty.

I would again emphasis, experimentation is the key. There are not set rules for fashion. Make-up should make you feel good about yourself, and to feel good you need not follow rules set in stone. Experiment, experiment and experiment. Trust your eyes and your gut feeling. There is a wide array of colors out there, and if you like it, wear it. And nonetheless, be CONFIDENT and look amazing. 🙂

Do you have any more tips and suggestions to share about nail polish selection?

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  1. Great post! I wear any shades that I like and faves are pinks, nude, yellow, corals, pastels, white…ok I love most colors but stay away from deep shades like burgundy, black and brown

  2. What a detailed post it is ..I love nail polishes and would love to try any and every shade 😀 Although skin tone is so important to keep in mind while buying any nail polish.

  3. Very well written and a detailed one. Many people still grab the colors they like instead of choosing based on skin tone. 🙂


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