How To Choose Oxford Shoes


Oxfords are lace up shoes that are inspired by men’s footwear. They are my favourite kind of shoes since they are comfortable, practical and trendy all at once. Considering that I own five different pairs of oxfords, I decided to share with you all some of my tips on buying them.

Choosing a style

There are basically two kinds of oxford shoes out there – a more chunky masculine style and a sleeker, more dainty style. Here is a picture of the two styles so that you can see the difference:


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The ones on the left are from Clarks and as you can see they’re chunkier and heavier looking than the other pair. That pair is from Eram and has a more sleek feminine look. Which of these two styles you will choose depends on what kind of outfits you plan to wear them with.

The chunky masculine shoes pair well with pants/jeans based outfits. I usually wouldn’t wear these with dresses as they could look awkward and too heavy.

oxford shoes+shoes by designer


The sleeker pair goes well with both pants/jeans as well as dresses and skirts due to their more delicate shape.


How to choose shoes+shoes with toes


oxford designer shoes+shoes by designer+high top sneakers


Choosing a colour in Oxford Shoes

Another factor to consider is what colour oxfords you want. Again, this depends on personal preference. I wear these two pairs most often since they are both neutral colours and go well with any outfit. I don’t ever want a black pair, even though it is a neutral too, since I feel like it would look too heavy. I prefer either black boots or ballet flats instead.

I have two pairs of coloured oxfords too – a pink pair and a yellow pair. Both of these are sleek and feminine since chunky and colourful shoes can look clown-like! To be honest, I don’t wear these a lot because I find them a little tough to style. Nevertheless, they are great for adding a pop of colour to neutral outfits or for pairing with another bright colour for a fun and colourful outfit!


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In this outfit, I’m using the yellow oxfords to add some interest to black sweater and jeans. I added the scarf because it has yellow polka dots in it that ‘go’ with my shoes.


How to choose oxford shoes+designer shoes


In this outfit, I’m matching my pink shoes to my pink lipstick. This outfit isn’t a neutral based outfit, but since lime and pink are colours that go well together, the pink oxfords don’t look odd.


Why you should invest in a pair of oxfords


I’ve told you my tips on choosing a pair of oxfords, but if you’re wondering why you should invest in a pair of these shoes, here are my top reasons for buying a pair:

1. They are comfortable and practical – I can’t stand uncomfortable shoes and I’ve found that my oxfords are the most comfy shoes I own. They work wonderfully in my everyday life!

2. They are the perfect shoes for travelling – I have walked all over Europe in them!

3. They are seasonally versatile – I wear them with bare feet in summer and socks in winter.

3. They are super trendy – The masculine look is ‘in’ and there’s no better way to achieve that look than with a pair of oxfords.


Why you should avoid oxfords


As much as I love oxfords, I will admit that they aren’t for everyone. Here are three reasons to avoid buying a pair of these shoes:

1. You have a very feminine style – In this case, ballet flats or sandals may suit you better.

2. You wear exclusively Indian clothing – Oxfords look mismatched and odd with Indian wear.

3. You don’t want to spend a lot on shoes – Good quality leather oxfords are pretty expensive.

Admittedly, I am crazy about oxfords and I would buy another pair (or two!) without any hesitation. What about you? Do you own a pair of oxfords? If not, would you buy a pair? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love both! I love oxfords and have a clerks pair in a slightly darker shade…and Ki, I love ur last pic..that lime top is to die for!

  2. I had purchased Clark’s oxfords in black & beige for my Paris & Swiss trip. And they served me very, very well, and I fell in love with them after that. I love wearing the black one with jeans to office on a casual Friday. They are slightly masculine, but I think they look really cool. 🙂


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