How To Choose Red Lipstick According To Age


How To Choose Red Lipstick According To Age

“Red lipstick is to women, what sports cars to men” -So rightly said.

Red lipstick is about more than just getting noticed. A key to instant gorgeous glamour that brightens the face and can actually make you feel more confident. It is an ageless beauty wonder.

Many women are not comfortable of wearing red lipsticks, but it is true to the core that there is a red for everyone, you just have to choose the right red for yourself.

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So today I’ll be discussing about red lipsticks as per age.


Frankly I didn’t use any lipstick when I was a teenager. I bought my first lipstick in 1st year of college, which was a neutral shade lipstick. But teenagers today love doing makeup and red lips fantasize them too. If you are on your teens, you can start playing with the lips with swipes of tinted lip balms.

Nivea, Himalaya, Maybelline has some cute, pretty tinted balms. They add some colors and also help in moisturizing lips.

tinted red lip balm for teenagers


19 to 24:

College goers, I find that lip gloss is the easiest to apply and adds a nice shine to the lips which makes them look full. But if you want some bold flush of colors, go for Elle18, Streetwear and lipsticks from Maybelline. Choose reds which are bright and make your face glow instantly. I prefer blue based reds for this age group cause they make your lips look whiter and brighter and doesn’t add age to face.


blue based red lipstick


Pinky reds are fresh and fun. Try lipsticks with glossy finish if you are in your early twenties.

Mid Twenties to late thirties:

This is the time when you should really experiment with reds. Think bold, powerful and chic. Bold splash of color in varied texture and finishes, from matte to creamy, from cool toned to warm toned. Whether you are in your office formals or in your favorite LBD for the post-office party, a red lipstick can save you anytime. Red lips look heavenly when worn with Indian attire as well. Just make sure you line your lips properly so that the lipstick doesn’t bleed.


hot red matte lipsticks


I prefer blazing, hot rod reds in matte finish for this age group. You’ll be amazed to see that how a perfect red pout can transform your whole look.


Instead of blue based reds, go for orangey reds. Warm reds add glow to mature faces and amp up mood.


sheer red lipsticks for 40s age


You can try sheer formula for less vivid effects or go for bold flush of color even.

50s and Above:

It was a time when people used to think that at this age a lot of things need to be toned down. Women at this age are often not comfortable with bold red lips. I would definitely recommend going for red lips if you want and are comfortable in it. Wine red looks best for women in this age group. Wine red looks classy and elegant. Cherry red is also a nice option.


creamy red lipsticks

Go for creamier versions of lip color like Maybelline Refined wine or YSL Red Muse

Red lipstick never goes out of style. If you haven’t tried scarlet yet, or are afraid to give it a go, follow these tips to wear red lipstick well at any age.

And a Merry Christmas to all… 😀

Which is your favorite red lipstick?

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