How to choose right color foundation for Indian skin and identify skin tone color

In my last post about I wrote about different type of foundation available in the market and how to choose the foundation according to your skin requirement. To read about the post click here. Now I have been getting mails from women and girls asking me how to choose right kind of foundation for Indian medium brown and not pale looking skin.

Firstly one should know what kind of skin tone one has. Every Indian woman doesn’t have a dark or brown skin tone as most of us assume it.

1. Your skin tone is dark if you have a dark olive, bronze, rich beige or black complexion.

2. Ivory complexion and porcelain complexion has a light skin tone.

3. Your skin tone is light medium if you have a rose beige, light olive or ash brown complexion.

4. Your skin tone is medium dark if you have a yellow beige, medium olive or rose brown skin.

If you don’t know the above mentioned color then you can easily Google them and relate with them. You yourself will understand the color of your skin tone.

Following tips will help you out significantly when you go for foundation shopping next time.

1. Carry your previous foundation bottle with you when you are going to purchase a new one. This helps you both ways. If you were satisfied with the foundation which your bought previously then you can buy a new brand with the same color and if you weren’t then you can choose the shade lighter or darker accordingly.

2. The basic mistake which generally all girls do is choosing the foundation which is lighter than their skin tone. This gives a real artificial look and completely spoils your make up. Foundation is the base of any kind of makeup and if it goes wrong then whole look goes for a toss.

3. If you think you can choose the right color foundation by testing it on your hand or wrist then you are completely wrong. Skin of different areas is different in color and by matching the shade on your hand will not serve the purpose at all. The ideal way is to apply it on your jaw line and match it with proper face complexion.

4. Don’t forget to ask for a free sample which are provided by the company so that you can test on your skin and then buy a perfect foundation for yourself.

5.Take your friend ,relative or husband(if you are fortunate one) along with you they can help you out and give right kind of suggestions.

6.It is important to evaluate how the foundation will look in day light since stores use lights which are different then day light.


  1. Hey nice post. People do assume that all Indians are dark, which is y sometimes it's very hard to find lighter foundation shades in India.♥xx♥

  2. Thanks cynthia !!!Yes I have grown up seeing women in parties trying to look as fair as possible but I am glad things are changing now:)

  3. Ha ha!! You should enjoy it Palak.The way these aunties flaunt their saris and caked make up..Its really a treat watching them:D

  4. Hi Anamika,May i know which foundation is best & easily/evenly blendable-liquid or stick. I have a combination oily skin. Till date i have just read your blods/reviews, this is the first time i wrote on your blog. I have read your "Loreal balance quickstick review" & concludes that its the best & i shud go for it.Thanx for updating with such nice reviews & saves us from wasting our money on purchasing unnecessary stock.Tina

  5. Hi Tina,welcome to my blog..I am glad you liked my reviews and this made you comment here and be a part of wise she family..You can revlon foundation for combination oily well u can try the compact also ..its touch and has been reviewed can check out the revlon section of product reviews:)Keep commenting this makes me work hard :)LOts of loveAnamika

  6. Hi Anamika,

    As i am not a foundation person, but as i have my marriage scheduled in Nov can you please advice me which is the right foundation as me. It will be a bengali wedding and i have ash brown complexion.
    Thanks for such reviews and suggestion as it not only gives us huge knowledge about makeup and also saves our money.

  7. Hie m zeba …my t zones are too oily and I am not able to choose the right foundation for myself .

    whenevr I use any foundation after some hours my face look greesy, oily and black altough my skin tone is yellowish…plz advise


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