How to choose right foundation


Remember those days when everyone use to buy just one type of liquid foundation which made every one look like a thick cake. Basic motive of that foundation was to make one fairer. Thank god that Those days are gone now and we are in an era where there is everything for every one available in market.. There are so many varieties of foundation available in market and with increasing awareness about this product has made woman’s work easier.

From concealer to tinted moisturizer which create an even tone with just a hint of color make one look radiant and fresh. Thick foundation helps in hiding away blemishes and dark spot but to blend it on your face it takes lot of time. Using lighter foundation is easy and manageable ,its because its easier to blend it into the skin .Light foundation can not hide imperfection of the skin that easily when compared to thick foundation.

Choosing right foundation is very important part of makeup routine. Whole appearance of a person goes for a toss if right color foundation is not chosen or blended into the skin. Also, foundation should be changed within a year at least. Every year woman should reward herself with a new foundation.

Here are various type of foundation available in the market.

1. Liquid foundation-It is one of the most popular foundations which have been in the market since years. This foundation has light test coverage and gives a shimmery effect to the skin. Oily skin women should avoid liquid foundation. This foundation is best applied with a dry sponge. Suits those who want to cover wrinkles or few fine lines.

2. Compact foundation-This foundation generally comes in a stick. Suits people with a dry or a normal skin. Best to cover under eye areas, pimples or redness. Makeup artist generally apply compact before foundation to give a perfect coverage to the skin.

3. Tinted moisturizer-It suits normal to dry skin types which requires minimal coverage. Best to be used in hot summer season. If one doesn’t need too much of coverage on their skin tone then this moisturizer suits perfectly.Tinted moistruzier as the name suggest moisturize the skin and make it soft too.This is suits best for working women who wish for a foundation as well as a moisturizer for their skin.

4. Mousse/Whipped Foundation-Best suited for oily skin.It is easy to apply then liquid foundation. Available in spray like a whipped cream.Its one of the costliest cosmetics’ in foundation but the outcome is fabulous. Its hides facial lines ,wrinkles without even making one look like a cake.

One should know their skin type and buy foundation accordingly. For dry skin liquid foundation or a moisturized foundation is needed. For oily stick or compact suits best and for normal type of skin (a blessed one) can choose any type of foundation.

Choosing the color of foundation is the toughest part.The correct shade will disappear on the skin.Only thing which one should never forget is that foundation basic motive is to even out skin tone and not to change the color of skin tone .


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