How to choose the right hair straightener /flat iron

Although I won’t recommend to use hair starightener regularly but we all want to look special some time so having one is essential too. If you are thinking of buying a hair straightener then please know how you have to maintain them. To know about it click here.
Whenever you go out to choose a hair starightener it is always important to pick a good one and not to compromise on the quality of the product. To help you choose the best hair straightener you can follow the following check list.
Before going ahead I am dedicating this post to Shilpi Prasad who is a sweet heart and she asked me to do this post for her.

1.Temperature Control-The most basic feature which a straightener should have is the temperature control which you will find it most of the hair straightener .Temperature control, heat resistant handle and a light indicator are three temperature control thing a flat iron should have.

Temperature control basically allows you to increase or reduce the head. Temperature setting depends upon the kind of hair you have. If you have thin hair then you needs low temperature and thick hair will need high temperature to achieve the straight look.
2. If your straightener have automatic shut off then it is kind of a hair insurance. This is a great feature as it helps in eliminating accident .Automatic temperature shut off the iron when it reaches the right temperature and many of us do not remember to turn off the straightener, that time automatic turn off feature plays a great role.
3.If a iron has a ready light indicator then it will help in knowing when is the right time to use the iron rod .Some of us many times try to flatten our hair but our hair do not get straightened easily. This is because iron was not at the ready to use temperature.
4. Ceramic hair straighteners are considered to be the best as the ceramic conduct heat much better than any other material. But one should be careful while buying the ceramic iron rod because some models even coat them with ceramic though they are not .
5.If your hair dryer has a wet and dry feature then it makes straightening quite easier on all kinds of hair.The feature helps in locking in the moisture .Some  women also find that it gives a better control over the curly or fizzy hair.
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  1. I have invested in two flat irons… but i need to know the proper way of using flat iron cause my hair never never comes out good.. it goes back to frizzy and curly in 1 hour.. me want straight hair so bad bad. :help: . can u tell me good products to use..


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