How to choose the right nail polish shade according to your skin tone.


If you are wearing a red sari then you will not think of applying black nail polish on your nails isn’t?

One chooses the nail polish color according to their dress and occasion .For instance, If you take red nail polish then you will find that it looks good on every one and suits on almost all occasions .But we should know the trick to choose the right nail polish shade. One should choose the right nail polish shade according to their skin tone so that it brings out the best color.

Below are some tips to choose the right shade of nail polish.

1. Whenever you test the nail polish always try out different shade on different nails This helps in finding out the best color.
2. You can put a shade chart too against your skin .This will help in checking out the best shade.
3. In summers pastel shades like green, blue and pink are considered to be perfect. You need to choose the perfect shade within these shades to match your skin color.
4. Fair skin people can choose berry colors like strawberries, can berries or raspberries. But one should be careful while choosing the color as too dark a color can completely spoil the look.
5. Medium skin tone girls /women can choose burgundies or wine which have a yellow and a blue base.
6. Those with olive skin can choose more yellow base with orange, brown or orange-red.
7. Deep or strong plum work wonders with dark skin color and it compliments their skin tone a lot.
8. Those who do not like to change the nail polish color every now and then can choose French manicure as it goes well with all skin tone and looks stylish too.

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