How To Choose Sunglasses For Face Shape



Sunglasses are not only a style statement but are also important for protection against UV rays no matter what the season is.  It is extremely important to get yourself a well fitted pair of glasses according to your face shape.

sunglasses for face shape+sunglasses and face shape

The sun glass size should always be in proportion with the face size whereas the frame shape should be in contrast to face shape. Therefore, smaller sunglasses are best for smaller faces; larger sunglasses for larger faces and rectangular frames are for round face shape and vice-versa.

Oval Face Shape: Oval shaped faces are well-balanced, so most of the styles will work. These lucky few can experiment with different shapes, styles and colors

  • Frames suggestion: Any type, or frames which are wider than (or as wide as) the broadest part of your face.
  • Avoid:  Since they can work any kind of frame styles avoid the ones that are uncomfortable to wear or you feel do not suit your face.


Sunglasses for oval face shape+glasses for face shapes


Round Face Shape: To elongate rounder faces, look for frames equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face.

  • Frame suggestions : Wider frames with angular / rectangular styles
  • Avoid: Small and Round frames and go for straight or angular shapes that will create a longer profile


Sunglasses for round face shape+sunglasses for round face


Heart Shape/ Triangular Face Shape: Select frames that will balance the face by broadening the lower part of the face. Drawing attention to the eye area will also soften this lower portion.

  • Frame suggestions: Frames with a straight top line, Cat-eyes. Bold styles as they will add balance to the face, cat eye frames and aviators
  • Avoid:   Small Narrow frames. oversized sunglasses


Sunglasses for heart face shape+sunglass by face shape


Oblong Face Shape: You need to play down the length by choosing frames which cover the centre of the face. Widen and shorten the face with sunglass styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of the face.

  • Frame suggestions : Round, Square
  • Avoid: Frames that are too narrow for face.


Sunglasses for oblong face shape+sunglasses and face shapes


Square Face Shape: Soften the angles by wearing a contrasting shape frames glasses.

  • Frame Suggestions : Round, oval, cat’s-eye
  • Avoid : Sharp geometric shapes—they emphasize an angular profile


Sunglasses for square face shape+sunglasses for shape of face


Finding the right pair of sunglasses can take some time–and a few good long looks in the mirror. While having a keen, trained eye helps, there’s no complete science to the search. Knowing yourself is the key. Face shape is important, but so is individuality.


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  1. My go to shape`s Butterfly shaped goggs 😛 They look nice on me – that and oval frames – These are very helpful posts. Even for hairstyles you know. One should know which style will suit him/her. ^_^


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