How To Choose The Perfect Foundation Shade For Your Skin


How To Choose The Perfect Foundation Shade For Your Skin

The search never ends for many girls when its for the perfect foundation shade for your skin. Choosing the right shade is no mean task and the misleading store lighting does not help even a bit. If you don’t want your money to go waste on the wrong foundation then follow these steps when you are going to shop for a new foundation-

how to find the right foundation shade


Tips to Choose the Right Foundation

  • Take your current foundation with you. It will act as reference and will help in choosing the new shade.

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  • Though we have repeated it many times, let me remind you again that never ever check the foundation shade on hand. Generally we see SAs applying foundie on the inside of wrist and referring to it as the best shade for your skin. Be rude and do not listen to this advice. Inside of hands are usually quite light compared to the face. If you buy a foundation according to hand swatch, you will most likely end up looking like a white clown when you wear the foundation on face.
  • Take foundation on fingertip or Q-tip and swipe it in the middle of jawline area of your face. If the swipe is clearly visible as in it is lighter or darker than the rest of your face, chuck the shade. The perfect foundation shade should disappear when swatched on face.

how to choose the right foundation shade

  • But wait! Do not go by the shade only. Check out the undertone of the foundation because it should match with the undertone of your skin. The most popular test for undertones is to check out the colour of your veins. If they look green, you are warm and if your veins look blue, you have cool undertone. And if you see both kinds of veins then you the lucky girl are neutral. Cool skin looks blue-ish under sun, warm skin looks yellowish and neutral skin looks greenish.
  • Frankly I have never been able to decide the colour of my veins 😛 So here is another test. If gold jewellery merges beautifully with your skin, you are warm. On the other hand if you look best in silver jewellery then you are cool. If both look equally good, you are neutral.
  • If you get sunburns easily and your skin turns pink under the sun, then you have cool undertones. But if you get tanned under the sun that means your skin gets dark then you have warm undertone. You can have cool or warm undertones regardless of whether you have light, medium or dark complexion.

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade for Your Skin


  • If you have cool undertones in your skin, select a foundation with pink or blue base. For warm undertones, yellow or gold base foundations are suitable. Neutrals can pick what they like or can go for a neutral-tone foundation.

How do you choose the right foundation?

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  1. Can you just lemme know which one is d right match in d jaw swatch pic?is it d 2nd or 3rd frm left?
    I always pick up a wrong shade n burn a hole in my pocket……

  2. U r rite Maitri.. Dese r some brilliant tips.. 🙂 I choose a foundation by swatching near the base of the neck.. dis gives d perfect match as then d body n d face does not look mismatched at all.. Dis is d new way dats slowly gaining ground 🙂


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