How To Choose Your Next Blush Crush


How To Choose Your Next Blush Crush

Hello gorgeous!

A healthy sweep of rouge can take you a long, long way! At least this is what our mothers and grandmothers have been telling us. And none of us have been able to prove them wrong till date. Though sultry eyeliners and bold lip colors might have taken away the due attention that the blushes deserve, in the past few years; blushes can never go out of fashion.

We live and love in a world of free-fashion, where no one can and should tell us what to do and what not. BLUSH is an ultimate makeover which brightens the face; a good blush is what mascara is to eyes. We can wear and rock any shade of blush we want, but there are a few shades which tend to be more harmonious with our skin tone than others. The idea is to find the perfect shade of blush which will work along with your skin to make your blush to look much more natural. Let us find out how.

Fair Skin

You FAIR skinned beauties definitely know who you are, don’t you? But do not go by the general marketing hype that fair skins can pull off any shade possible, as they have almost porcelain skin. Sorry, but this is so not true. Fair skins tend to go paler, especially in winter months and very pale colors can make you look sallow and ashy.

Baby Pinks

Baby pinks and pinks on the slightly pale front are the but-obvious option when it comes to fair skins with cool and warm undertones, alike. Try investing in a baby pink shade with has subtle shimmers to it to highlight the skin along with adding a natural flush of color. Baby pinks are closest to your natural skin when you blush so you do not have to worry about going overboard with them.

Our Picks: MAC powder blush in WELL DRESSED

MAC powder blush in WELL DRESSED

Lucid Plum

A translucent shade of plum can work wonders for a vivid evening look on light skins, and can also double up as a contouring product when advantageously applied on the hollows of your cheeks without showing up a noticeable crease. Choose a cream blush in sheer shades of plum for added definition and a pleasant, soft silhouette.

Our Picks: MAYBELLINE dream touch blush in PLUM

Maybelline dream touch blush No.5 review + maybelline blush review


Peach blush is one shade which goes well with almost any skin tone, but there is something extraordinarily amazing about coupling fair skin tones with stunning hues of peach. Especially if you have fair skin with yellow or warm undertones, you are more likely than not going to break many hearts when you leave the house with this beautiful color flushing your cheeks. Opting for shimmery, sheer shades which do not apply too heavy and are not chalky are the best bet.

Our Picks: NARS cream blush in ENCHANTED

NARS cream blush in ENCHANTED

Medium Skin

You there flaunting your medium Indian skin, you know you are lucky. Don’t you? And you should be proud of it, believe me no one could have a prettier shade than you. All the colors which suit fair skinned girls can work pretty well for you too, except that you might have to use a tone or too darker to adjust to your complexion. Certain hues of pale purple would look fantabulous on your skin, but make sure to stay away with anything which has blue undertones to it as it can make your cheeks give the inkling of being bruised.

Deep Apricot

Medium Indian skin tones tend to be warmer as it is and they just need a hint of color to enhance your natural beauty. Apricot shades with a hint of orange and golden flecks can look subtle and flirty on medium skin tones. You can always build up the color intensity depending on your outfit, mood or occasion.

Our Picks: MAYBELLINE NEW YORK expert wear blush in APRICOT FLUSH


Soft Mauve

I already mentioned how certain hues of pale purple will glisten up your complexion, yes, a muted mauve is one such shade. A pretty shade of mauve has the ability to give your makeup an edgier look, while at the same time giving your skin depth and richness. A matte powdery blush in a pale mauve would look so darn pretty on medium skin tones for a chic evening look.

Our Picks: MAC Darkly my dear blush

MAC Darkly my dear blush

Subtle Berry

Soft shades of berry colors are tailor made for your skin tone, I promise. Just like pale-baby pinks suit fair skin tones; medium berry shades flatter medium complexions with warm yellow undertones. If you want to a bi9t bright with your cheeks with an otherwise understated make-up look, a medium pink-y berry is the way to go. It can add a delicate, softly pretty look to your features.

Our Picks: L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Blush in Soft Berry 503

Rose Pink

Now something for those ladies who are blessed with medium skin tone along with cool, blue undertones. Dusty, rosy pinks should be your favorite colors when it comes to flushing your cheeks naturally. Rose-pink has something which can steal the heart of any blush-lover, and it complements medium, blue-based skin tones so pretty well.

Our Picks: NYX Powder Blush Desert Rose

Olive Skin

If you ask me personally, olive skins are the most beautiful as they have the most gorgeous warm, golden undertones, making your skin look dewy and glowingly radiant from within. But the fact that tan, olive skins do not blush naturally so you need to find a blush color which just adds warmth to your skin rather than making it look as if you are flushing with color.

Shimmery Dusty-rose

Talking about beautiful olive skins, dusty rose is the perfect Cinderella kind of pink for you. It is not as chalky, pale as baby pink nor is it over-the-top bright in any way. It is just the right, delicate pink which would make your skin look naturally flushed, as though you are adorning a natural, post work-out skin.

Our Pick: Nyx Powder Blush in Dusty Rose

nyx dusty rose powder blush


Dark peaches with orange undertones or warm oranges with bright peachy speckles is the way to go for a warmer blush color which would take your skin color and texture up a notch, with just a few strategic swipes. As your skin has greenish golden undertones, use warm peach shades in cream formulas to get a fresh dewy look.

Our Pick: ELF Studio Blush in CANDID CORAL

elf studio blush in candid coral review+ candid coral blush


Apart from softly contouring and adding up warmth to your skin, bronze tinged blushers have the ability to really cheer up, brighten and enhance your features and skin texture, which let us be real, can get a bit ashen if not taken care of suitably. The best part about bronze blushers is that they suit both cool as well as warm toned olive skins beautifully. Women with lighter olive tones can stop at one swipe of blush on the hollows of their cheeks whilst women on darker side of the olive spectrum can easily build up the color intensity by going over it twice or maybe even thrice.

Our Pick: Lakme absolute sun kissed bronzer


Dark Skin

Oh, let me make it clear, you are blessed! Trust me when I say this. Your skin tone has the ability to pull off shades of blushes which are not meant for the faintest of hearts; think about bright fuchsias, burning reds, bold tangerines and shades like that. Yes, yes. You and only you can carry colors of such intensity without looking clownish or even made-up.

True Tangerine

An intense and audacious tangerine (read brightest of the bright oranges) may look a bit too nerve-racking and discouraging, sitting with all its pride in the pot; but trust me, it is the perfect shade when it comes to adding a subtle and pretty flush of color to dark skin tones while making them look natural. And if you have a cooler skin tone, nothing better. Seriously.

Our Pick: REVLON Photo Ready Cream Blush in CORAL REEF

Revlon photoready coral reef reviews and swatches


As I already focused upon earlier, dark skin holds onto pigmented hues very beautifully. You should not get intimidated by darker hues such as raisin. The trick here is to choose blushes which are high on pigmentation and show up on the skin boldly; otherwise you can risk your skin looking ruddy instead of blushing.

Our Pick: NYX Powder Blush in RAISIN

NYX Powder Blush in RAISIN

Bright Fuchsia

This kind of a fiery pink, unlike powdery pale and medium pinks, will make your skin pop out, leaving you looking youthful and beaming. No risks of looking dull and washed out! Try putting the blush strategically by just targeting the apples of your cheeks; you will yourself know the difference. Girls with warmer, yellowish undertones; this is THE best shade for you ever. Period.

Our Pick: Nyx Cream blush in Hot pink


Terra Cotta Reds

Reds do not necessarily have to mean fire engine reds, which look good just on your nails or may be lips. But not with dark skinned dollies, you have the potential to carry a strikingly deep shade of red, and look gorgeous at the same time. Using a cream based formula, try using these kinds of brick red, cherry and rich scarlet shades for contouring by placing them on the hollows of your cheeks and blending them really well.

Our Pick: Kryolan 5 Blusher Palette- YOUTH RED

Kryolan-blusher-palette-reviews+Blushers palette Kryolan Swatches

I personally love the confidence that the right blush color can give me. Mastering the art of bright, flushed cheeks gives me the freedom to play my cards precisely while facing my hottest crush or looking like I have been sun-kissed at any point of the day. 😉

The right flush of color can make your no make-up look from drab to fab in just a matter of seconds. The only trick here is to choose the color which does not work strikingly against your complexion, instead choose something which flirts with your texture and hidden undertones of your skin. And yes, if you feel like rocking a color, wear it, there is no one who can tell you what is wrong and what is right, apart from your gut feeling.

And not to forget, everything looks good when you have your favorite shade of blush on.

How are you going to choose your next blush crush?

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  1. Mine is dark skin and I can try brown shades but not sure if I can carry these shades under dark skin. :/ Red and pink shades!!


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