How to clean dropped eggs


Dropped egg if not cleaned immediately starts stinking and becomes a headache.Simple way to clean an egg is to cover the whole egg with salt.Let the salt stay on egg for half an hour and then wipe it off with a newspaper.

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  1. Will it work for vessels in which you have made an omelette? I will try it anyway. Love eggs, but hate the smell when you put the dish for wash.

  2. DearRaha,This wont work for vessel.Tip will be effective when egg is dropped on the floor.To remove the smell from your vessel,add 1tsp white vinegar in it with water when you put the dish to wash.It wont smell and your vessel will sparkle too:)

  3. When i drop and egg accidently, all i do is pick the shell up and then place a slice of bread on it, wait for a while pick up the bread and place another slice to pick the last bit of egg left, then i just clean the floor with the mop, it is easier after that, you do waste the bread but i don’t mind.


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