How To Clean False Eyelashes For Reuse


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Today I’m going to share my knowledge regarding how to clean false lashes. First of all, I’m not at all good at applying false lashes, more or less again it’s a matter of practice. Anyways, I didn’t had a proper lash glue to do my practice, until I found it and ordered it from Ric’s store. However, using falsies and its successful application majorly depends on how clean and crisp the band of the lash is, and to make sure that it is clean for re-use, its important to clean and sanitize the lashes and get rid of any of sticky glue remains.

How to clean false lashes+maybelline makeup remover

Cleaning the false lashes is fairly a simple task only if you get used to it; else sometimes the remains of the glue are so stubborn and complicated to remove, that you might eventually want to throw the lashes.

Things needed :-

How to clean false lashes+false lashes

1.)    Place the lashes in a bowl, and put some eye makeup remover over them. Let them be soaked for around 1-2mins, after that remove them from the bowl, take a Q-tip and gently rub along the rim of the lash band to remove any glue.

2.)    Take some cream based cleanser in your palm; gently rub the lashes between the palm and wash off the lashes using a drop of shampoo.

3.)    Dry the lashes using wipes or cotton, and then gently pull out any sticky remain of lash glue that is still stuck to the rims.

4.)    Finally, wrap the lashes around any round surface like a pen, a bottle’s cap, or even your finger just to retain the original shape of the lash and then place it in the container of the lashes. You’re done with it J and you have clean lashes, ready to be used again.

Note:- You don’t really have to follow all of these steps, it really depends on how your falsies were. Just follow the steps until you see that all the glue has been removed, and make sure you handle the lashes gently, especially while tweezing out any sticky glue remains.

I wasn’t able to click the rest pictures as it was difficult for me to do it alone :-/ But I hope that the steps are clear enough 🙂 Even I am new to using lashes and cleaning, and if you have a better idea then please do share with all of us.

Take Care 🙂 Godbless :-*

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    • if its already old and brittle one then it can tear.. otherwise stilll one needs to be gentle wid them.. just mild rubbng n pressure to ensure that the work’s done 😀


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