How to Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize


How to Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize


Hello ladies!

Today, I will be talking about something very basic that is an essential part and can make a huge difference to the quality of our skin. Got the hint? Yes, I will be talking about our beloved and essential CTM routine i.e. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing.

CTM is essential for basic skin care and keeps your skin looking good and healthy. But do you know the right way of following this routine? Are you aware of some basic guidelines or dos and donts when it comes to something very basic as CTM routine?

Experts claim, most of the people don’t know the right way of doing this. So, today we look at what you should keep in mind while following your CTM routine.


This is the first step. Cleansers can be divided into three types :

  • 1. Makeup removers
  • 2. Cream cleansers
  • 3. Face wash

It is entirely your choice to what cleanser you wish to use. One should pick up a good cleanser according to their skin type.


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How to cleanse correctly

  • Wet your face liberally well. If you want to cleanse your neck too, make sure you wet them very well.
  • Take the face wash on your palms. Do not rub your palms vigorously as you may end up using the product on your hand and only some loath or foam is applied to your face. Rub a little and apply to face and then cleanse your face while rubbing it.
  • Wash completely. Don’t be in a hurry. Make sure you wash every trace of face wash and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Make sure to wash your hands before washing your face either with the face wash or soap water. Because at the end of the day it is the most dirty part of your body.


Now, comes toning the second step. Experts believe that it is the most confused term in the entire face care regime. It is believed that toning is done to tighten the pores or to remove rest of the grim left after cleansing or to make face dry for oily skin. There are various terms people believe about toning and hence, we have numerous products available. However, experts believe this step can be totally skipped if your face is clean and you do not have oily skin. So the basic need is to emphasize more on cleansing as toning is not really what matters, cleansing does.


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How to tone correctly

  • Take toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe your face.
  • You can either dab toner on your face or wipe off gently.
  • Always remember to use little product. More quantity doesn’t ensure great quality. A little would be suffice.


This is the last step following toning in the CTM routine. It is very important to adequately moisturize your skin even if you have oily skin.


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How to moisturize correctly

  • The most common mistake people make while applying any cream or moisturizer on the face is they take the cream on palm, rub the palms and then apply on to the face. This is not the correct way.
  • You have to treat your skin gently. For the correct application, take the cream or moisturizer on the finger tips, dab on finger tips of both hands, dot on face and then gently spread on face whole massaging.

It is recommended to follow the CTM routine at night rather than on the day. And CTM routine should not be followed more than 2 times a day. Do it at night and if you feel the need, twice a day is more than enough.

Was this helpful? How careful are you with your CTM routine?

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  1. Lovely post. 🙂
    Can u plz name some good CTM products for dry skin. M gettng married in october n have super dry skin. M currently using lotus n olay products.

    • Hi Benish… Try elovera cream if you have super dry skin…. It is a miracle in a jar… Available at any good chemist’s shop… It is quite reasonable too… You r gonna love it! U may use it as a night cream too

      • Thnx princess 🙂 … Any idea wt kinda foundation i can use for my engagement….my skin tone z fair :-* ….bt no foundation suits me. :'(

        • choose the foundation correctly benish! you can opt for lotus pure radiance matte glow daily foundation to start with. a matte lover will suggest matte products only 😛 later on, you can try your hands at MAC or Chanel. in case, you want some moisturization since your skin is dry. go for lotus herbals nutraglow daily tinted moisturizer. it will serve you both the needs- of foundation as well as moisturizer. i hope this helped. 🙂

        • Hey Benish, if you are a dewy look lover like me, you can try Kryolan ultra foundation. it is superb. If you live in a city where no Kryolan is available(like me) you can try Chambor revitalizing foundation. and one tip while u pick the foundation-try matching it with your jawline. take your time, move around after the SA applies it on your jawline, see it in daylight and in malls ka lights… i used to feel shy earlier in asking her to wait until i check it out for half an hour or so but trust me it works well. try to go for shopping during day time so that u can see the foundation on ur skin in natural light.

    • hi benish!
      you can use lotus cleansers or face wash for cleansing. try fab india’s toner with vit e or even tbs toner with vit e is best. for moisturizing you can use what princa suggested, else can go for biotique moisturizing lotion or even tbs has a good moisturizing lotion with vit e. and all the best for you wedding! congratulations 🙂

  2. Thnx a lot guyz. 🙂
    U all r incredibl,helpful n lovely. Luv u all.
    M from kashmir so here v hv only drugstore products.
    No high end brands here 🙁

    • Anytime, Benish!
      you may consider Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse, it provides light to medium coverage though. Even Bourjois healthy mix foundation has been loved by ppl!
      make sure you opt for a good makeup primer!
      Hope this helps you… plz feel free to ask anything!

    • Hi Benish, first of all congrats, and i suggest you to use cetaphil cleanser, which is very mild, foundation try from lakme, as u said there is no availability of high end products, and use concealer from krylon, good primer is also must, and try compact powder from revlon or lakme. one more important thing, never try new products week before marriage, test all the products before only, u want to use on ur marriage.

      Drink lot of water and juices, perticularly carrot and beet root juice, apply cucumber juice daily on ur face, try this DIY- Curd+rice flour, it makes ur skin glow and reduces dark ness, u can use daily, massage ur skin daily with aloe vera gel, and apply moisturizer over it, as u have dry skin, in the ni8, after removal of makeup, finally have good 8 hours sleep. Be happy, enjoy these days, they never gonna come, u vl look best.

  3. I agree that people spend so much on creams and lotions but often don’t do the basic right and then blame the creams. Hehe

    For me CTM is a holy ritual to be done twice a day. And I follow double cleanse at night.


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