How To Clear Your Skin Naturally


How To Clear Your Skin Naturally

Every woman wants that picture-perfect, flawless skin. Clear, glowing skin is all that speaks about your real beauty, these things signify a healthy skin and of course everybody wants to have that youthful clear skin. But for few ladies a dream of clear skin stays like a dream, not because they are not trying but because the efforts are not right.

Your skin care regime and lifestyle habits are the primary predictors of your skin’s health and no matter how many expensive treatments you go in for, but if your lifestyle is unhealthy then you will have a hard time in achieving that clear, flawless skin
Some of the leading factors that take a toll on your skin are stress and make gives rise to various skin problems are lack of sleep, poor nutrition, pollution, damage from the sun’s UV rays, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol.


If clear flawless skin is what you desire, then you must first and foremost keep a check on your lifestyle and follow the tips given below to get clear skin naturally without the help of any expensive treatments.

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Know Your Skin Type

Before you determine on any skincare regime, knowing your skin type is of utmost importance. Different skin types need different types of care. So to pick the best skin acre method for a clearer skin first find out if your skin type is dry, oily, normal or combination. If you have oily- combination skin then you need to look for gel cleansers, and if you have dry skin then you will need cream based cleansers.

Keep Your Skin Clean


how to wash face

Your makeup might hide zits, but it also traps free radicals against your skin. Wash your face morning, night, and after the gym with a cleanser that contains up to 2 percent salicylic acid, follow-up with toner and moisturizer.
When washing off make-up, splash on cold water first as it helps to tighten the pores. Then apply cleanser and rinse with warm water. Follow with a quick cold water splash. Warm water opens the pores of your skin, exposing your face to a build-up of bacteria, dirt. Improper face cleaning spreads the germs and does not effectively eliminate unwanted dirt and build-up.

Use Natural Cleansers

Facial cleansers with too many harsh chemicals can actually be harmful to your skin. Use natural, organic cleansers will help your skin clear up faster and can be much more effective than chemical based cleansers. Alternatively you can use a mix of curd, gram flour/ fuller’s earth & honey as a natural cleanser. This will help you achieve clearer and radiant skin.

Drink Water

Water cleanses your body, helps in eliminating toxins. Try to drink as much water as you can even if you do not feel thirsty; a minimum of 2 liters is a must.

Watch You Diet


Ensure to have a proper, nutritious diet. Eat lots of fruits, nuts, seeds, beans etc. Eating healthy, along with a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve a gorgeous skin. If acne is the severe problem that is keeping your skin unclear then try to go vegan for a week and eat clean. Avoid meat, fish, eggs, fried foods, white flour and white sugar products, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, drugs.


Yoga for glowing skin

Workout for at least half an hour a day, it does not need to be very rigorous, even an easy morning walk too is fine.  You can also try doing Yoga. Yoga helps in achieving clearer skin, check here to know some great yoga poses for beautiful skin. Ensure to wash your face after your exercise routine because sweat and dirt can clog your pores.


scrubbing changes the skin texture

Exfoliating helps in getting rid of dead skin layer and reveal a glowing skin. You must at least scrub twice a week to help fade off marks. If you have acne then you must avoid over scrubbing and you should also be very gentle in scrubbing, in that case you can scrub just once a week.

Avoid Over Sun Exposure

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

Sun UV rays are very damaging and can cause dark spots. Never skip use of sunscreen even if you stay indoors. And never miss out using a sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30 when stepping out. Avoid sun exposure for prolonged hours and especially at sun’s peak hours from 2pm to 4 pm, look for sunblock/sunscreens formulas labeled non-comedogenic, which won’t clog pores.

These were some must follow tips to guide your way towards achieving clear skin naturally. Follow these and see your skin become glowing, clearer and healthy looking day by day.

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