How To Click Lipstick Swatch


How To Click Lipstick Swatch

Blogging may look as easy as walking in a garden, but is it really that easy???

The answer to this is NO. Blogging is not as easy as it may look, it needs a lot of time and patience and few people blessed with patience become big bloggers. Our Anamika is one of those bloggers who are immensely blessed with patience and love, and which is why she is able to run five blogs at a time.

What is beauty & makeup blogging all about…. A product to review, some fancy words and few pictures in hand!!! This is how it looks from far but the truth is rather than just fancy words some great sense of observation and good pictures to depict about your product in subject is more important. While we talk about makeup blogging, lipstick comes in our minds first.

These are the easiest and the most common way to start. A Lipstick’s review was my second post here on wiseshe and the third one too and then so on. I would like to mention how after two- three lipstick reviews I got a mail from wiseshe that appreciated my lip swatches and asked if I will continue with such reviews since my lip swatches are accepted well by the audiences. I cannot describe in words how special that moment was for me, it was like this is it, I am doing nothing but will stay with wiseshe forever  :-*



I am no expert in lipstick swatches but still would love to share few tips about clicking lipstick swatches. It is not that I have not committed mistakes or will never commit mistakes in doing these but just keeping my tips & tricks with myself and not sharing with you all would be a bigger mistake.

Ohhh, I have already talked so much….. four paragraphs already!!!
Looks like it is now time to get straight to the topic and give a pause to my talks for a while.

No Pout Is Less Beautiful


Loreal PURE BRICK Star Collection lipswatch


While doing a lip swatch, never ever think that you have a less beautiful pout. Honestly I am not very fond of my pout, I actually think that it is a bit weird somewhat like Donald Duck but when it comes to work, I stand I front of camera with my bets pout forward that without any expression shows confidence.

Be Friends With Camera Not Just With Mirror


Bobbi Brown Lipstick Red lipswatch

You have often heard and read about how rehearsing expressions and talking in front of a mirror helps, but when it comes to clicking lip swatches be friends with camera. Click different pictures of your lip swatches with all different expressions and find your best bet, for instance you must have notices how Ira and Sahiba  keep their lips slightly open in their lip swatches and how Rashmi always smiles in her lip swatches. I do not smile in lip swatches because I have a clownish smile, mirror never told me this but my true friend Camera told me this. Camera holds an expression and shows you how it likes but mirror does not d this.

Several Clicks In Different Lights


lakme 9to5 creaseless lipstick swatch

Believe it or not for a single lipstick swatch I click around 20-30 pictures or even more to present the best one. Even after you have got your expression of hold for the lipstick swatch it is not always possible to get the best in the first click and even if you have got one, you still should give multiple shots for the best picture. It is often said that natural daylight captures the swatches the best, but at times even day light fails to capture the actual shade.

Presenting the actual shade and finish is of utmost importance then just clicking a pretty pout. So work under several lights, positions and corners to capture the best swatch. The best natural day light to click pictures is when the sun rises and the sky is full of light not when the sun is on its full power and gives immense shine. I hope you get my point here.



Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Lip Gloss Fandango Purple -LOTD

Please keep this in mind forever, get your upper lips done always before you do a lip swatch. A single or two hair stray is fine, but those full upper lips do not at all look good, infact they look tacky, sorry if I sound rude but this is the truth. Come on, this is your work and when you do a review you definitely should think of its presentation.


Facial Hair Epicare Epilator Epistick Remover Stick reviews+Facial hair removal


If very frequent saloon visits are hindering your way then you should definitely invest in Facial Hair Epicare Epilator Epistick Remover Stick, this is a fabulous tool to get your upper lips done at times when you cannot visit a salon. I personally prefer not clicking pictures and wait for my getting my upper lips done, but will never come up with a lip swatch that has immense upper lips. Exfoliate your lips and keep them moisturized before lipstick appliactionwhen preparing for lips swatches, this will make your lips appear beautiful.

Lipstick Hand Swatch


Faces Ultime Pro Lipstick handswatch

Always keep the lipstick hand swatches broad, broad enough to gibe clear idea about the lipstick shade, finish, texture and color pay off. Try to give utmost information through pictures, this will help you get more explanatory pictures.


Lip swatches are often cropped and in this process the quality of the picture alters & lowers a bit. For lips swatches take as close pictures as you can but always click after your swatches are in focus. This will to a great extent will help in getting better pictures.

These were some tips that when should always keep in mind while taking lipstick swatches. There are several very detailed tips like checking the ISO and Exposure levels for getting the right lipstick shade, but that’s more on the photography front which will need some technical understanding.

I hope you people liked these tips. I again say I am no expert, so feel free to pour in your suggestions, there is a big possibility that your trick might just become mine….. So keep sharing  :-))  :lipstick:

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  1. This is a useful post indeed and yes ritika, we all love ur lip swatch pics, they r amazing, can anybody help me with taking pics of eye makeup ? 😀 even after taking many, i dont get desired result.

  2. Let me just give you few of the tips which i follow

    I always stand in front of the window where there is no direct light..this result in kind of diffuse light which is not harsh but good enough to give you the right lighting..

    If you see most people get their best shot in the car that is because of the diffused light which they get from the good lighting is a must.

    Try the shot both with flash and off flash and what work out the most you can chose that..Also, no one can get the best pic in one shot..for one look i end up taking 20 – 30 shot and sometime I just trash all of them ..

    Ritika – Loved reading the post…i also never show my teeth while taking a lip swatch..i have gap in my teeth and i dont like it at all..may be i will ask my dentist if it can be filled up then i will smile and smile and pose ..hehehe

    And ofcourse blogging requires hell lot of patience and hard work..There have been times when I have found this profession shitty but then I don’t want to give up whatever it has given me ….lol..

    • Thank u so much anamika 🙂
      I too have had an orthodontic treatment for filling in gaps and got some composite attached to my chipped teeth..

      • Thanks for the tips. I never get my clicks right. Actually never bothered to look up for tips on photography. This was a must read for me.

        Hehe…I too have a chipped front tooth. Havent got it fixed though..i dont know what my husband likes about it, he says thats a part of your personality so let it stay…I dont get it !! how can having broken tooth and ugly smile be a part of anybody’s ‘acceptable’ personality. I mean if you have the choice and can afford it why not !!!!

          • I had to get them corrected, because I just could not simply smile, since i have a broad smile , smiling without showing teeth makes me look like a clown, and i found that due to the center gap and chipped teeth i got into a habit of covering my mouth with my hand each time when i laughed, which kind of made me little extra conscious, so i got it done.

        • Your hubby actually must be finding you cute…… Well the procedure was not very expensive, i got it done around four years back, i am sure they have even better technologies now.

    • Thank u very much anamika for tips, i agree with each point, even i take multiple pics ! hoping to click better eye makeup pics 🙂

  3. a very well written post and i really admire the smiling lip swatches of rashmi di. Also your lip swatches are great. Now i feel that i need to get back n check which is my best shot coz i have never followed a rule and my lipswatches are random.. A side pout,smiling, teeth., duck face lol
    I have a thin upper lip so i keep changing my expressions.

  4. Loved reading all the tips in this post. And I must say, you have lovely lips 🙂

    I do smile sometimes in my lips swatch pics but never show my crooked teeth.

  5. This is really a great post Ritz and am obliged you mentioned me! 🙂 🙂

    You have really mastered the lip swatch pics clicking.. a must read post for those who want to take blogging seriously! :yes:

    • Thanx a lot Ira….. i anyway had to mention you because your lip swatches are no less and they definitely had to be there in this post to make this post complete 🙂


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