How to combat Hair Loss and Hair Thinning


Ruchi asks,

Dear Anamika and Wiseshe family,

I have read quite a lot of blogs and must say I’ve been really impressed by the efforts put in by all members.. Kudos to every1 out there. I thought I should take a chance to put forward my problem and ask for all your suggestions.

I’m facing issues with my hair like thinning, slower growth, split ends, oily scalp and frizzy ends.. Phew! Too much to handle. I had beautiful, thick tresses as a kid and everyone used to rave about it.  So probably the evil eye took a toll on my hair and since then,I’ve faced so much hair thinning that it has reduced to half of the original strength. Could you pls suggest something that would make my hair thick again? New follicles don’t seem to grow at all.. I would be very grateful if you guys could help me out with the multiple issues I’m facing..

Have a great day.. Thank you in advance..

 hair loss and hair thinning treatment suggestions




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  1. hey ruchi..apply bhringraj oil for hairloss, hair growth, dandruff silky smooth hair.
    moreover u can take biotin supplements for healthy hair n skin.

    use a good anti hairfall conditioner ..use pantene one if it suits u! :-))

  2. I am going through the same must visit a good derma..mine asked me to undergo Hb and thyroid test..and i had very low hb count..this was the reason of severe hair loss..i am on medication since 2 months now n i do see improvement..i m also using hair tincture and scalp lotion for my weak scalp..n yes eat beetroot will really help..n dont take stress..stay happy..:-)

  3. Hey Ruchika,
    When i went to college, my hair strength reduced to half, i developed a bald patch at front due to my tight pony tails.
    I have been doing the following from past 8 months and my bald patch has gone, my hair are thick and soft now. Infact, i love my soft wavy frizzy hair now:)

    1) I prepare this oil and apply it thrice a week at night when i hv to wash my hair the next day..
    80 ml Almond oil+ 80 ml Cocunut Oil + 30 ml Castor oil + 7 Vitamin E Capsules (slit them and pour the mixture in the oil)

    2) Pack of 1 or 2 eggs with 2-3 TSPS OF Mustard oil once or twice a week.

    3) If you can, please get a good hair spa done with 4-5 settings.

    4) Hairfall means you are loosing more than 40 strands a day. So keep checking it.

    5) Always keep changing the parting of your hair.

    6) I use Himalaya Protein Shampoo followed by Matrix Ultra Hydrating Conditioner most of the times, but when i’ve any event to attend, i follow this: Matrix Deep Smoothing shampoo+ Matrix Ultra Hydrating conditoner + Matrix serum. It reduced frizz to a great extent and your hair are soo soft all the day.

    Hope this helps!!:)

  4. I forgot to mention about this amazing hair pack that my parlour wali aunty told me..the ingredients are beetroot, fenugreek seeds, curd, hibiscus leaves, neem leaves, curry leaves, tulsi, aloevera, amla me it really works..i have completely stopped using shampoo n i make my own shampoo at home..i hope it helps..

  5. Here’s my 2 cents:

    1. soak fenugreek overnight (preferably in aloevera), in the morning grind it to paste with aloevera, hibiscus flowers and curry leaves, apply on the roots mainly and wash after 45 mins (fenugreek takes atleast 2 washes to go, its sticky). this leaves your hair oil free, and shiny.

    2. oil your hair regularly, as heena said mixing several oils is good, warm them a bit, apply on scalp and massage with your fingertips, careful don’t scratch with your nails, this helps oil penetrate and nourishes them. use a mild shampoo to wash.

    3. Egg white + lemon pack, this conditions your hair, however smells a lot, take care of that.
    4. lemon + sour curd pack, dont use this too much, may be once a month.
    5. regularly comb your hair with a comb (eesh.. sounds comby-comby .. bad english !!) not a brush.
    6. avoid blow drying , let your hair breathe
    7. cover your hair when travelling, dust combined with scalp oil = dirty messy smelly hair
    8. lightly brush your hair before you go to sleep, helps relax and blood flows to your scalp this way
    9. sleep well, lack of sleep causes hairloss
    10. Water, drink lots of it, If your body feels lack of water, it saps the water from hair follicles first..

    Hope it helps!!

  6. omg.. such amazing replies and that too so soon.. wow gals.. m so happy that you guys are helping me out.. thanks a ton anamika and zara 🙂
    also vandana, erica, heena and janani for ur suggestions.. i ll try doing my best.. doing PhD anyway gives a lot of stress :pain:
    and vandana could you give the details of the hair pack that ur parlour auntie told u?
    thank u gals.. 🙂

  7. Hey Ruchi…

    1. Get ur hairfall thing medically sorted out
    If there is no medical condition – thats the best it can get!

    2. Do not keep switching ur hair products – stick to the one tat suits u the best

    3. Use lemon, fenugreek & curd paste on the hair as a mask for an hour once in a week (it smells and is tuf to get rid of though) – this will take care of dandruff & oily hair and give volume & shine to the hair

    Trust me.. it works.. i too have thin hair with some controlled hairfall now & there is no issues with volume or shine for me these days atleast… 🙂

    4. Do some hot oil treatment – just take a cup of oil and place it in a bowl of hot water and warm it until suitable temperature.. Massage your hair & scalp with this oil. Damp a thin towel in that hot water & have it tied around ur hair until it gets to normal temperature… This is a nano hair spa at home..

    5. Dont use heavy towels to tie ur hair after a bath.. they will weigh ur hair down & bother ur roots too.. my derma’s 2 cents.. 🙂

    6. Check with ur doctor before u taken any supplements over the counter.

    7. Eat around 4-5 almonds a day (soaked/dry) twice a day.. they got good fatty acids making ur skin & hair healthy n glowing… don worry about the calories.. it isnt that bothersome..

    Hope this helped! 😀


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