How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly


How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly


Hi Girls!
This post ends Purnima’s wait. Contouring and highlighting are those two  aspects of makeup which are considered to be the trickiest by many. Whether you are an expert or just learning the ropes of makeup, some good tips never hurt.

Let us start



Here are the steps of contouring

Step 1 - Cleanse and prime your face with the products of your choice. Apply you favourite foundation and concealer to get the perfect contouring canvas.

Step 2 -You can either contour or highlight first. I’ll start with contouring. Choose a contouring cream or powder which is at least 2 shades darker than your skin. Take the contouring product on your makeup brush and swirl it on the sides of forehead, under your cheekbones and under your jawline. Also sweep both the sides of your nose.

Step 3 -Now begin highlighting your face. Load your brush with the cream or powder highlighter of your choice. Begin by highlighting your T-zone that is highlight the centre of your forehead and nasal bridge. Now highlight the area under your brows going all the way to the apples of your cheeks. Don’t forget to highlight your chin and the lower cheek area (just under the contoured area).

Step 4 - Blend, blend and blend some more. It is very important to blend perfectly otherwise you will look patchy. You can use fluffy blender brush or beauty sponge for the perfect blending.


contouring and highlighting

The Basic Tips

If all the steps above seem like a task you, remember the very basic of highlighting and contouring. Draw ‘E’ for contouring, start at your hairline above your eyebrow, the middle line of the E should be drawn at the hollow of your cheek (suck in your cheeks), and the bottom line should follow your jaw line. Create a C shape for highlighting, starting from forehead area under the contour-line and go on to trace the apple of your cheeks.

Best Products

Though cream products do not suit all skin types but they give better finish and last longer compared to the powder makeup. If you have good skin then you can do a little more. First contour and highlight with cream products and then trace the lines with contouring powder and powder highlighter. This will increase the staying power of your makeup.

Now do the rest of your makeup as usual. Apply your favourite eye makeup, blush, and lipstick. Set your makeup with a loose powder.


contouring and highlighting tips

The basic idea behind highlighting and contouring is to enhance your features. Check yourself in a mirror and pay attention to the areas which catch maximum and minimum light. Highlight the areas that catch light naturally and contour the darker looking areas.

Highlighting makes your face look brighter and contouring makes you look chiselled.

Perfecting these techniques takes a little practice but when you learn it, you will be a lot happier with your look.

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Did you know how to contour and highlight perfectly?

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  1. bookmarked this awesome writeup Maitri..! Ana’s pic made things very clear to understand…thanks for writing such an amazing post!! :-*

  2. Amazing I am drooling over your perfection Ana, u are seriously Contour And Highlight Queen, I am just so bad at it, But I am not going to loose hope and keep on trying to get an end result at least somewhere nearby urs :)) Very well written Maitri !

  3. This must be by-far the most understandable article on contouring and highlighting I have ever come across. awesome work! ana u luk stunning as always

  4. Which highlighting and contouring product did you use ? ^_^ It looks so perfect and the finish is so youthful ^_^ I think you used the MAC contour cream and highlighter – just a guess 😛

  5. This is an awesome post! Anamika which highlighter your using in the pic? the final result looks flawless, i want to know

  6. OMG OMG OMG maitri, u stole my heart girl. U wrote such an awesome post and even remembered that i wanted it? And silly me that I have been busy with house movement so been not up to date. I love the post so much. I think I will work hard at contouring now. And in the next FOTD that I try will try and use your guidance. Anamika, you look truly stunning. And clearly u have gorgeous skin too. After the right contouring and highlighting the makeup , face It all looks super duper lovely!

  7. Since u r in a Santa mode 8 months in advance maitri, how can I best conceal acne marks? I have red marks, and old teenage marks too. And chicken pox marks too (I know u must be wondering how this girl has faced the world without makeup with such a terrible skin but it helped me that I was quitr shameless about my looks while growing up ) now however I am very keen to cultivate this art, help me will you?


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