How to Control Hair Fall-Suggestions


 Faine asks,

I’m facing severe hair fall problem from past few months. Can you gals suggest me few products(oil,shampoo,mask) which will help me in controlling my hair fall?


How to control hair fall- suggestions



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  1. I’m highly gonna recommend u this rememdy that worked wonders for my sister who used to have severe hair fall like u..Just take equal quantities of castor oil,coconut oil and almond oil..Heat it n lightly massage it weekly..Keep it overnight and wash it off the next day..This has really worked for her..It juz takes a bit time and patience.Or u could go to a dermatologist n get a prescription for a hair tonic…Hope this helps 🙂

    • Hi girl..i follow this once a week..i mix almond, sesame, olive ..just kep mixing few oils and masage my hair ..keep it overnight and then wash it the next it is too hot nowadays i follow the same routine half an hour before taking hair bath .:)

  2. i’d first suggest you to get it consulted by doc, give some tests to confirm u ain’t have thyroid.. which is the main cause of hair fall, and graying of hair.. along with so many other problems, other than this have a healthy diet, try to include much vitamin c e.f amla, include nuts in your diet, take plenty of fluids to keep your skin hydrated, follow up with a good anti hair fall oil (parachute hair fall therapy is my h.g hair oil and absolutely best to control hair fall) and use a good light shampoo, also don’t tie your hairs too tight or don’t leave them open.. don’t use a cotton pillow cover as it absorbs any moisture from your locks and leave them dry, don’t do any hair styling, also avoid applying henna til the time hair fall stop.. 🙂 hope this helps.. tk cr !! :hug-makeup:

  3. first check out n get to know why you have hair fall…hair fall needs to be treated from within as much as from the outside..

    1. throw in some nuts to your diet.. walnuts & almonds are the best!
    2.apply a mix of oils or plain olive oil to your hair leave it overnight…. in summers 2 hrs shud do!
    3. i m using parachute scalp therapie.. which is good.. since it also claims to provide hair with nutrients..
    4. don’t comb your hair when it is wet.. it might cause more hairfall
    5. take in some vit+minerals supplement after consulting the doc
    6. use a clean comb n never share your comb.
    7. use a mild shampoo suitable for your hair /scalp type.

    hope this helps u…


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