How To Cover Up Dark Circles Perfectly


How To Cover Up Dark Circles Perfectly

Dark circles!! I hate this feeling of seeing myself into this mess for days more than anything. It is such a gruesome feeling. I feel like hiding myself somewhere where no one can see me until it is all gone. Really this is one thing I don’t like seeing on other faces as well. Agree? Read on for some tips to get rid of these in simple steps.

Obviously the basic solution to the problem lies in diet changes, stress reduction, avoiding smoking and alcohol but here I am listing a few steps that are through makeup which can make you look good in an instant as the long term solutions mentioned above obviously are preventive and would take more time to show results. Not to forget, however that taking care of you in a better way is certainly required. Makeup can only be a quick fix to the problem to solve your present situation but the future is definitely not very submissive and we need to work towards it.

green tea bags for dark circles

I am now going to follow this rigorously and religiously. Do a lot of natural things like using cucumber, tomatoes, rose water etc. to keep the under eye area perfect without having to apply any makeup but for the sake of an instant solution right now, I think makeup trick is also a must know.

So let’s learn it now to prevent our instant requirements to be met easily.

Step 1 Find yourself a suitable concealer

concealers available in india

The foremost step is to find yourself a concealer that can deal with your kind of dark circles easily. If you are having a lot of dark circles and are blue toned, always go for concealers with yellow or whitish undertone to have best results.

Step 2 Moisturize your eye area

concealer application

Keep your eye area moisturized so that the clogging that often leads to dark circles does not happen. While doing makeup, use a foundation or a primer and apply it adequately to cover the under eye area completely.

Step 3 Use the concealer

Sonia Kashuk Wheat Concealer usage

Now after you have applied the moisturizer, apply the concealer and spread it evenly. The traditional practice is to dab the concealer in dots and then use fingers. But I would suggest you to apply it in an outward triangular shape under your eyes to have a better result.

Step 4 Cover it with a Compact Yes, the next step is to use a translucent powder to cover it and give it a natural look. If not done, the area looks chalky and does not look good. Now let the powder blend for 5 minutes. Use of powder also helps to hide the puffiness in eyes, if any, as is usual with me. I am more in trouble with the puffiness than the dark circles.

Revlon Concealer with Botafirm

Step 5 Cross check If you still feel some dark circles visible, go for a light coat of concealer and translucent powder accordingly. However, avoid having too many applications as this then gets heavier on the eye and looks odd instead.

Maybelline instant age rewind concealer before and after

The simple 5 step-process can help you attain an instant dark circles free eyes. But to have a long-term effect, we need to focus more on our diet and have a good sleep at night, avoid stress, take more fruits and obviously enjoy life rather than having negativity around. Hope this post helps you attain your goal.

Have you tried these perfect tips to cover dark circles?

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