How To Create Ombre Lips



How To Create Ombre Lips

Hey Everyone! Well this is my first try at OmBrE lips 😛 And I am really nervous for the comments and if you’ll like this or not. This is my first ever try at any tutorial and I had really worked hard for this. So hope you forgive me for the mistakes, fingers crossed!

Step 1

Apply a nude Lip liner all over your lips to cover all the pigmentation and create a blank canvas,

Product Used: Lancome Lip Liner in Beige Noisette

This is really a good lip liner and gives quite natural color to the lips with a muted brown color, no pink hints in this one. And it comes with a brush on the other end.

Step 2

Line your lips with a red lipstick or a lip liner. If you want to even out or extend your lips, do that in this step.

Product used: MAC So Chaud Lipstick

An orangish red color with matte finish. I really found it great for ombre lips.

Step 3

Spread that red lipstick towards inside of your lips so that you can merge it further for the ombre effect.


How To Create Ombre Lip


Step 4

Now take a pink lipstick and apply it on your lips with a brush leaving the centre of your lips and the area where you have applied the red lipstick.

Product Used : MAC Impassioned Lipstick

A bright coral pink color which blends well with So Chaud for the ombre look.


ombre lips tutuorial


Step 5

Apply a shimmery nude color or a nude eyeshadow pigment on the centre of your lips by just dabbing it. J and if you’re applying the pigment then merge it a little bit with a pink lipstick.

Product Used : MAC Naked Pigment

A shimmery nude color which can be used anywhere for shine, as a highlighter on cheeks or brow bone, as a eyeshadow or the way I have used it here.


how to ombre lips


Do the final touch ups and that’s it you have your ombre lips now 🙂


Ombre Lips makeup


I hope you all like it, fingers crossed!

Have you tried doing ombre lips?

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  1. Ayushi, you’re posts are always special..:) loved how you took care of pigmented lips in step1. You gav me new ombré ideas 😀


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