Cultivating Habits Of Success


Hey Everyone!

How is you week coming along ?

I was thinking of writing about few things which I discuss with my husband often so why not with my dearies here. πŸ™‚ Well, there are so many things which I want to follow religiously for example eating good food, avoiding aimless social media browsing, focusing truly on my girl when I am with her and not thinking about other things. πŸ™‚

Now that I am in my 30s there are so many good habits which I have cultivated and which I aimed for! I have realized that success doesn’t mean one needs to slog. Most successful people cultivate right habits and try to identify the habit which will benefit them the most. Especially the habit of Willpower.

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By writing this I am no where trying to show that I am very successful! I just can never feel successful because I always follow those who are better than me so it just can never happen to me. I will always be the grounded Anamika who is always thirsty for knowledge and the more I learn,Β  I realize that I know nothing πŸ˜€ :-p There is just too much to learn and adapt around us that I don’t think anyone can  feel successful ever in their life unless they are too egoistic about it.


Honestly, thinking or deciding for a good habit is very easy but its way too easier to slip on it too and this is why having a strong willpower or make our mind believe that we have strong willpower is actually a good habit to cultivate. I hope I am making sense here! πŸ™‚

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For meΒ  the 21 days mantra works. If you are trying to cultivate new habit then just follow it for 21 days and then it automatically gets into your routine. Like I am trying not to watch Netflix during weekdays and keep it to weekends. Its been three days and it has worked for me and I am feeling fantastic about my willpower.

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Here are few habits which I am trying to cultivate

  • Intermittent fasting (I have not been able to manage it for 21 days till now )
  • 8000-10000 steps of walking everyday
  • Reading at least two books a month
  • Working on my brand everyday. In case you don’t know about WISESHE Makeup brushes.
  • Making my daughter read two books everyday

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Now you tell me which habits you would like to cultivate?

By the way! I am playing with filters here..Do you think I should try this more or stick to just regular pics? πŸ™‚

See you all until next time!




  1. i want to learn this year eating food with chopsticks, read 2 books every month, and stick to eat more greens πŸ™‚

  2. I wish to go on walks more often…relax a lot…learn to swim..
    All of these sound more like my resolutions this year :-p

  3. Elloooo,

    I want to change my morning routine. I want wakeup early and to start my yoga session. I’m a mother of 4months baby girl. Too much fats stored in my lower belly and even suffering badly by knee pain. Anamika please give me some tips to reduce my pregnancy weight.

  4. Hi Sushmitha..with a 4 month old its pretty difficult to get up for yoga..You can out your child in pram and go for long walks one hour in morning and one hour in evening that will make you lose weight super fast and your child will enjoy too with you <3

    Do let me know if you try it out .


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