How To Cure Acne On Sensitive Skin?


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Acne is something which most of us face during childhood or teenage years. Some people face this terrible monster all throughout their lives as they suffer from body acne as well as adult acne. Being a dry skin person, I haven’t faced such terrible acne issues during my teens (touchwood!  🙂 ) but I have seen my friends and cousins suffer from it.

Many of my friends opted for different methods to get rid of them but there was one of my cousins who had this terrible sensitive skin and nothing in the world suited her skin. Neither she could adopt any herbal home remedies nor any market available creams. And so today, when I am writing this post, I feel after this no teen who has sensitive skin should suffer like my cousin and so giving you every possible method to prevent and cure acne on Sensitive Skin, (I’m trying to cover all points.)  🙂

So let’s begin!

How to Prevent and Cure Acne on Sensitive Skin?

There are a lot of methods by which you can control acne and make your skin bright and problem-free. First never forget that acne is a skin disease and like any other disease it needs proper medication and care. It is neither yukky, like many people term it nor is uncurable. You just need a proper guide and some tips to get rid of them.

  • Wash your face daily twice a day

Make sure to wash your face twice a day – morning and night without fail. One of the prime reasons for acne on the sensitive skin is the accumulation of dirt and grime and the best way to remove it is to wash face daily. Never skip your morning and night time skincare routine and yes, NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP on!

how to wash face

Never use a soap-based harsh cleanser for the face. Always use a mild cleanser for the face which is appropriate for sensitive skin. Consult a dermatologist or a skin care expert before buying one.

  • Never forget to tone

Toner is surely one of the most underrated beauty regime steps but is as important as any other step. Toning helps to close pores and makes sure no open pores are there. Open pores is another cause for sensitive skin which leads to acne issues and so toner indirectly helps minimises acne and pimples on the sensitive skin.

It is a wrong perception among many that oily and sensitive skin requires no moisturisation. It needs one indeed! Moisturisation is as important to a skin as bathing is to you! If you don’t moisturise your skin properly, it will lead to flakiness and which will subsequently lead to itchy skin.

Never exfoliate your skin when you are suffering from acne. This will make the acne all aggravated and you skin will sting and be red all day long. Sensitve skin requires exfoliation but when it is only free from acne.

Water is life! When you are suffering from acne, make sure to drink loads and loads of water. Drinking water not only keeps you and your skin hydrated, it also prevents further pimple occurrence.

  • Never use any cream randomly

I know the market is full of products that claim to reduce acne and its marks and there is always that friend/relative who pops up and suggests something but make sure not to use any random creams. Acne on sensitive skin is a delicate issue and has to be dealt in a sensitive manner so make sure to listen to your doctor only!

  • When you have acne, try to avoid makeup

When you are suffering from acne on your sensitive skin, try to avoid makeup. However good a brand may seem, makeup has certain chemicals that can aggravate the acne situation and make it even worse. So try to remain as natural as possible to cure the acne.

Home remedies are my favourite when it comes to any skin related problem but if you have sensitive skin, keep away! Sensitive skin can get even more sensitive and that can lead to excessive acne and even make your skin worse. Always remember, don’t use any random treatment, however natural it might be.

  • Always consult a dermatologist when you feel like

When you feel your acne is getting worse day by day, feel free to consult a dermatologist. Sensitive skin is not a toy to play with and so if you have a sensitive skin, it is better to consult a dermatologist before taking any step further. If they prescribe for a specific topical treatment or something internal, follow that religiously.

  • Use medicated things

Only use medicated things as suggested by your doctor. Sensitive skin can react to anything and everything on this planet and so it is better to consult an experienced doctor befor application of anything.

  • Never ever press or itch your acne

These are two common mistakes which we make but should be avoided totally. I know acne can hurt and even itch and there is a tendency among girls to press acne and itch it but this can result in more acne and subsequent chronic acne. So it is better not to itch and press acne in any condition.

  • Never stress on your skin conditions

I know it may sound theoretical but acne aggravates when you stress on the situation. Stress is one of the major factors for acne and when you have sensitive skin, stress can be dangerous. So be happy and stress-free as these have an inversely proportional relation.

  • Look at your diet

Diet plays a very important role when it comes to controlling acne. pimples or any other skin related food. Avoid refined wheat, carbohydrates, excess sugar and oily food and look for healthier options. In this way, you won’t have just healthy skin but a healthy body as well.

  • Take proper medications and preventions

As we always say, “Prevention is better than cure” so make sure to take utmost prevention from the factors that your skin is sensitive too. Don’t experiment with your skin as that will make the condition worse. Follow a strict routine and yes, always remember your skin is the most precious of your body. Pamper it!

Voila! If you follow all the above steps, I can guarantee you that you will have a flawless and problem-free skin. Keep Smiling!

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