How To Deal With Dry Patches In Winters



How to Deal With Dry Patches in Winters

So winters are here and or skin has officially started to behave abnormally. Apart from dipping myself in creams and lotions I love everything about winters 🙂

Dry patches are a very common problem which almost everyone faces in winters no matter what skin type you have, so here I am to the rescue with some solutions for you :-*


honey facepack


Follow A Proper Skin Care Regime

Sometimes, what we do is we skip our moisturizer and just apply sunscreen on the name of skincare because the sun protection factor is highlighted everywhere. Yes, applying a sunscreen is important, it may look creamy to you but it may not have enough moisture for your skin.

So take out 5 minutes of your time every morning and night and devote it to your skin care. Tone and moisturize your face every time you clean it.

Try These Home Remedies

Banana & Honey Face Pack


banana skin care

Mash half banana and add 1 tbsp of honey to it. Mix both of them well to form a paste. Apply this mask after cleansing and toning and leave it for at least 15 mintues. Rinse it with lukewarm water. You can skip the moisturizer after this if you have an oily skin.

Malai/Milk Cream & Butter


milk cream skin care


Replace your regular moisturizer sometimes with Malai or Butter. Take a little amount of either Malai or Butter and massage it on your skin. If you’re not comfortable doing this during the day time you can replace this with your night cream.

Almond Oil Therapy


almond oil for skin care and hair


Cleanse your skin before going to bed and skip your toner. Take 4-5 drops of Almond oil and apply it on your skin. Massage it in circular motions and leave it overnight. Almond oil is really good for pigmentation as well so it is a good time to use it 🙂

How do you deal with dry patches on skin during winter?

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  1. My boon in winters is herbal bath powders. Does not dry out the skin and also applying a mild moisturiser after a bath helps keep it supple. I only use a face wash when I get back from work and remove my makeup with oil. None before that throughout the day.


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