How to deal with dry skin and take care of it


Dry skin usually feels tight and roughuntil you do not apply  moisturizer on it. Extremely dry skin gets chapped and its flakes too. Extreme of temperature and poor diet is considered to be one of the prominent causes of extremely dehydrated skin.

If one skin suddenly gets extremely dry then this can be a sign of an under active thyroid too. There are many drugs also which can dry your skin such as diuretics and antispasmodics.

Below are some tips which will help you in dealing with your dry skin.

Do not use regular soaps while bathing and never apply soap on your face. Use a good quality face wash which will not wipe away natural oil from your skin. Also even if its winter avoid using extremely hot water on your skin. Bathing with hot water or washing your face with it loses moisturizer as the liquid in the skin gets broken down. Dry skin suffers from flaky skin problem. To get rid of this problem dry brush skin before take a shower with a body brush. This removes flaky skin easily.

If you take bath for half an hour in hot shower then limit to to 15minutes.This will save lot of moisture of your skin

Always apply moisturizer immediately after bathing on your whole body and do not forget to give important to night cream .Your skin repairs itself at night and night cream plays a vital role in repairing the skin.

Hydrolic acid plays a vital role in the hydration of the skin. It hydrates our skin and increases its volume as well leading to a smooth skin. If you raise the HA leave of your skin then your skin will get smoother day by day. To increase the HA level you should use skin care products which has ingredients like PhytessenceWakame

Apply hydrating mask on your skin every week and don’t forget your hands and feet too. They need extra moisturizer as compared to other body parts.

Do not forget to keep your self-hydrated all the time

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