How To Deal With Dry T-Zone?


How To Deal With Dry T-Zone?

Combination skin is a very tedious job to deal with! I am sure most of us agree that maintaining skin with dual nature leaves you with no room for error and everything you choose has to be perfect. Though, we should thank our stars that it is not very difficult to do with the advancements in cosmetic science. With creams and treatments suited for all skin types, we can erase our wrinkles of worry with ease.

T-zone face

Let’s focus on the T-zone in this post. T-zone, for those who do not understand, is the portion starting from your forehead and running down your nose to the chin. For a safe and secure treatment to the T-zone, one has to ensure a strict regime, especially because you would not want to appear funny specifically if the rest of your skin is not at all dry.


Face Wash

In your regime, you should have a daily habit of applying your face wash on your skin at least twice to keep all the impurities away and at bay forever. But you should not use a drying face wash. Always ensure that the face wash in use is not at all harsh and suits your skin well. It is best to use the product suited to all skin types as it is the safest bet.

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Do not use hot water for cleansing since it might lead to flaking and irritation. Always try using lukewarm water for cleaning your face.

You should exfoliate only when there is no irritation or flaking happening. If there is a little bit of redness or itchiness on your skin, it is better not to get into exfoliation as it could make the matter worse for you.

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You could add a drop of few of oils like almond or olive to your moisturizer as these are good in fatty acids and could impart some bit of softness to your skin. Always keep regular sun protection, moisturizers and cleansing for your skin to avoid dryness.

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No Acne Treatments

During winters, if you feel your skin is getting dry, you could refrain from doing acne treatments or using glycolic acids if you have been using them. This would prevent flaking during winters which could be really killing and difficult to deal with.

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Try using Vitamin C based serums if your redness persists during the day leaving you irritated. The serum will sooth you and makes you have a comfortable day with itchiness not hampering you.

Also, obviously while using any chemical based products or makeup, one has to be sure about its suitability to the skin. Since your needs are unique as your T-zone dries up, you need to have extra caution of checking the suitability of your foundation, primer, blush etc. which form part of your vanity.

We can never get rid of our skin but can only take care of it and for it I guess we can go to any length. Using a plethora of products can be harmful if we have a skin type which is not compatible to such products. We must choose wisely and be informed about the repercussions of not being careful with our own skin.

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We can have a bout of right products to use which can be a lot at times but it is for sure better than using the wrong product!

Did you know these tips on T-Zone skincare?

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